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Ebenezer Scrooge (Before and After) Would Offer a High Deductible Health Plan*

*with apologies to Charles Dickens Now that the holidays are upon us, we feel the lure of tradition especially strongly. Certainly “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens is on many reading lists: the main character, Ebenezer Scrooge, is one of the most famous characters in English literature. Scrooge, as we know, undergoes an astonishing transformation after…

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The Case for a Part Time CFO

There’s no question that new enterprises need financial expertise – but do they need it full time? A good case can be made for pre-revenue companies with either a long development cycle or a difficult “proof-of-concept” to use a part time or fractional CFO. These companies have an acute need for certain CFO skills, e.g., planning,…

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Better Alignment of Incentives in Healthcare

As healthcare approaches 20% of GDP in the US[1], there has been increased focus on its economic structure. This structure, unique among economic sectors, is characterized by multiple inefficiencies – economic rents (in which producers can earn excess profits), uneven distribution, consistently and excessively rising costs, a large and confusing system of middlemen, and importantly, mis-aligned…

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