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Research and Development “R&D” Tax Credit

WHY PAY THE IRS? WHEN THE IRS CAN PAY YOU. ARE YOU ELIGIBLE FOR THE RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT “R&D” TAX CREDIT The advances and innovations within software and emerging technologies are revolutionary. The expenditures and activities associated in each industry are highly technical, and considered to be “R&D”, per the IRS. The research credit allows…

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The Business Sale Solution™ Seminar

  Prior to the pandemic there were many businesses who wanted to sell. What does that look like now and how do you increase your value? Register today for a session to learn about EXIT strategy and selling your business. Prepare businesses for unexpected thing and exit with grace and peace of mind. This is…

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“Staying Relevant” Podcast – Interview with Francesca

  It is a great honor to talk at Staying Relevant Podcast with Mitch. Listen the full episode below. Staying Relevant Podcast Episode 19 – Interview with Francesca (Click Here) EPISODE SUMMARY – In this week’s episode, Mitch speaks with Francesca Kenney, partners at B2B CFO®, a financial management company that prides itself on their strong…

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