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To Succeed in Business, You Need to Be More Than Just “The Boss.” You Need to Be a True Leader

There’s a common misconception that to succeed in business, you need to become the best “boss” you can be. Most people interpret this as “I need to be more aggressive in my leadership style.” In reality, however, it’s almost the reverse that is true. To put it another way, the chasm between a “boss” and…

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Streamlining Your Business with Easy to Use Technology

New technologies and gadgets used to be cool and expensive, but now they’re convenient, easy to use and affordable. There are so many ways they can help your business that you may be losing money by not taking advantage of them. Of course, there are new products and services all the time, and you don’t…

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Positioning Your Emerging Business Against Larger Competitors

Now that you have established your business as a viable entity and have several successful years under your belt, deep pocket competitors view your business differently. You may even be formally identified in a corporate SWOT analysis as an “Opportunity for Growth” or a “Threat to Success” by their local manager. Depending on your situation, you may want to be acquired (Opportunity)…

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How Changes in Washington May Impact Your Business

As the owner or senior manager of an established and growing business, you have seen administrations come and go. You know that what happens in Washington can have a significant impact on your revenues and profits, your employment practices, financial planning and more. For the record, I rarely, if ever, discuss politics with my clients,…

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Fed reserve raising interest rates

Fed to Raise Interest Rates: Impact on Your Business

Earlier this season, the Federal Reserve shocked the fiscal world by deviating from the path toward an increase in interest rates. Historically, the United States has never been in this position, and interest rates have remained near zero percent for more than nine years. This fact has given businesses the opportunity to shed fat and…

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10 Ways to Grow an Emerging Business

Starting a business is relatively easy. It’s growing a business that’s hard. Here are 10 ideas others have used to take their emerging businesses to the next level. Add a location. This obviously depends on the type of business, but if there is demand for what you do in other areas, consider expanding to another area…

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Multiple Physics Equations On Wall

Applying the Laws of Physics to Your Emerging Business

In his book, “Organizational Physics: The Science of Growing a Business,” author Lex Sisney explains how the laws of physics help emerging businesses achieve new levels of success. He asserts that because physics is the science of matter and energy, and managers use principles and methods to lead organizations, then “Organizational Physics” offers a way…

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Change Is The Only Constant

Leading Change in Your Emerging Business

In his landmark Harvard Business School Press book, Leading Change – An Action Plan from the World’s Foremost Expert on Business Leadership, Harvard professor John P. Kotter offers down-to-Earth advice on how to lead your organization into the future. Every organization, whatever the size, deals with change as a constant. The owners and managers of…

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Graph With Stacks Of Coins

Leveraging Economies of Scale to Grow Your Emerging Business

Planning for and Managing Second Decade Business Growth As the owners or senior managers of an emerging business, you worked hard to: Attract dedicated and loyal people who did whatever was necessary to help the company grow Solidify your products and services to create a loyal customer base Create the organizational structure systems to support…

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Apple Logo On A Black Background

The Need for Small Businesses to Use ApplePay

Apple sought to change the world of business and consumer relations with the release of ApplePay in October, and businesses around the country began the task of preparing and adapting to accept this new method of payment. In short, ApplePay allows consumers to keep all their financial information — bank accounts, credit cards, and other forms of…

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