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Growing by Acquisition or Merger

Acquisitions and mergers are not just for big companies. Emerging companies can grow faster and gain more control of their destiny by acquiring synergistic competitors and suppliers. Acquiring or merging with another company sounds complicated, but it can be easier than you think with the proper guidance and leadership. Start with an objective to find…

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People With Different Characteristics

Key Attributes of Small and Midmarket Companies and Their Leaders

Having worked with many successful small and midmarket companies for well over 20 years, I recognize the following common attributes of these companies and their leadership teams: They Set the “Elements for Success” Numbers – Watch Revenues, Expenses, and Net Earnings Before Taxes (NEBT) like a hawk. Customers – Build loyal and elated followers. Employees…

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A Trusted Strategic Advisor Relationship With a B2B CFO®

Owning and Managing an Emerging Business Is All Consuming As the owner(s) of an emerging business, you sail through treacherous waters. You survived the early start-up years and now face new challenges. Your entire life revolves around your business in a way that others just do not understand. You deal with concerns about growth, cash…

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New Technologies Shaping the Future of Your Business

Mobile Technology Ramping Mobile technology is ramping up faster than any technology in history — faster than televisions, faster than computers, and even faster than the Internet. More mobile devices will be in use by the end of 2014 than there are people in the world! There are more than 100 countries where the number…

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How Disintermediation Impacts You and Your Business

It’s pretty simple really – disintermediation cuts out the middle man. We could do a high level lesson in economics or KISS. As the U.S. economy matured, more and more parties handled goods and services from source to consumption. That is all changing, and many traditional businesses are following suit. The Good Old Days Great…

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Increasing the Minimum Wage – Good or Bad for Small Business

The talking heads don’t agree on much.  After all if they did it wouldn’t be very interesting listening to them.  Of course that statement assumes you find them interesting at all. In any event there is little agreement as to whether or not an increase in the minimum wage will be good or bad for…

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“Our employees are our most important asset.”  How many times have you heard an owner or CEO promulgate that sentiment?  More importantly, how many times have you witnessed an owner or CEO living by that sentiment?  I’m sure your answer to the former question is much higher than to the latter question. There is much…

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Can’t count the number of times my mother told me to get my head out of the clouds.  Now it seems if you are in the Cloud you’re in good company.  In his April 9, 2014 Portland Business Journal Article, Heinan Landa, CEO of Optimal Networks states: “The cloud isn’t just a technology fad —…

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The Top 5 Cash Flow Rules

Why do you need to concentrate on Cash Flow? Simply put, especially for a small to mid-sized business, cash flow equals life, growth, prosperity . . . and survival. You need to free yourself to focus your unique talents and abilities on growing your business rather than fighting the constant cash flow fires. Remember .…

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Why Do Men and Women Buy and Sell Businesses

It’s no secret that men and women are very often motivated to act for different reasons.  This is pretty much a universal truism that applies equally to personal lives as well as business lives. recently issued the results of a demographic study of individuals pursuing the buying or selling of a business. The survey,…

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