The GAP Diagnostic Analysis™ is a must-have resource for any CEO or Business Owner. A B2B CFO® partner will take about one hour of your time and provide between 8-10 hours of their time. When you receive your GAP Diagnostic Analysis™ report you will receive an educational resource that benchmarks your business against your competition and helps you to prepare a strategic plan to get ahead.

GAP Diagnostic Analysis™ includes:

  • A confidential meeting with the business owner(s), then interview company staff.
  • Look at the company's financial information and computer systems.
  • Benchmark financial information against industry averages.
  • A complimentary copy of the Industry Comparative Report (you will then know how your banks are comparing your company).
  • Create a confidential report of our key findings in The Strategy Gameplan™.
  • You will learn more about your company and your industry than you ever have before.

    * Complimentary for qualified business owners

GAP Diagnostic Analysis™