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Creative Cashflow Raising In A Difficult Environment.

This month I want to share a creative approach to raising cash if you own a business in need. This approach doesn’t fit every business owner’s scenario, but a few of you may be pleasantly surprised. This approach, which uses personal real estate equity to raise cash without borrowing money or selling the property, is…

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The Receivables Exchange..Raising Cash Without The Banks

In today’s tough business environment, every avenue for raising cash for working capital has to be considered. The selling of a business’s Accounts Receivables on a publically traded exchange is definitely an avenue that needs examining. The Receivables Exchange (TRE), which opened for business in November of 2008 and is based in New Orleans, has had…

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The Newly Legislated Cobra Premium Subsidy Frequently Asked Questions Faq

Employee lay-offs are always difficult for business owners. Today’s current environment has unfortunately made this a reality, as firms pare resources to survive for the next challenge. The federal government has enacted legislation that was effective March 1, 2009, to help involuntarily terminated employees continue their benefits during their search for employment. Over the past…

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Employee Fraud Prevention

Employee fraud is a problem that statistically increases in tough economic environments. Despite the economic environment though, fraud is always lurching in the back-office background, even in good times. All business owners and managers like to think they can successfully vet out honest and skilled employees. The majority of the employees we hire are in…

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Government Contracting NAICS Code size Standards And Appeal Processes

The majority of Metro DC small business owners and the businesses that support these, are more often than not, influenced by issues in the federal government contracting area. This article’s intention is to bring attention to a subjective metric that is used day end and day out to measure businesses that offer contracting services to…

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