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How to Develop a Flexible Financial Plan During Uncertainty

During this unprecedented time, existing financial plans and assumptions must be revisited and revised to maintain flexibility as conditions change. If you’re looking for a great guide to learn how to do that, I highly recommend reading an article I recently read by McKinsey & Company. Regardless of your company’s liquidity or risk tolerance, I…

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Strategies to Keep Your Company Healthy

It is natural for companies to focus on cost-cutting strategies during times of economic downturns. However, this limited focus can run a company quickly off-track if other strategies are ignored. To learn about a wide variety of strategies that should be considered, I encourage you to take a look at this article on While…

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Critical Steps to Stabilize Your Business and Plan for the Future

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the economy which means most businesses are facing challenging strategic financial management decisions. To learn more about the critical steps financial leaders can take to stabilize their businesses in the short term and prepare for the long term, I recommend reading this article by McKinsey. To read it, click…

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cash flow strategies

Short-Term Cash Flow Strategies to Survive an Immediate Crisis

Considering the current economic situation, many business owners have found themselves in a cash-flow crisis, and others may begin to experience it as the effects of massive unemployment flows through the economy.  In this moment of critical need, managing cash flow creatively can be the difference between failure and survival. To address this need, I…

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offensive strategies for COVID-19

How to Sustain Your Business In Tough Times

Here is a great summary of offensive and defensive strategies to help you manage the current financial crisis. Kudos to my friend Tom Meyer and his fellow Scaling Up Coaches Zahir Ladhani and Sid Panjwani for sharing these graphics. This is great advice for getting us through these tough times. If you’d like more advice…

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Business Funding Strategies

Tactics for Reeling in Business Investors

Securing funding for your business is more than just laying out the positives and negatives. Your approach must be tailored to fit your potential investors. For insights into choosing the best strategy for your situation, I recommend a recent article from Forbes. Click here to read it. If you would like further advice on source…

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Create a Win-Win Situation With Proper Exit Planning

Many business owners view exit planning purely from a seller’s perspective with the end goal of selling the business for maximum profit. But exit planning, when done properly, actually helps both the buyer and the seller in different ways. For some excellent insights on preparing for a winning exit, check out this great article from…

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As you reflect on your blessings this past year, we enjoy sharing a few of ours. Tracy reached her 6th year anniversary in October with Ally Financial. Glen celebrated 11 years as B2B CFO® partner. He coaches new partners and led business transition training. Jenny renewed her lease with two DG friends, in uptown where…

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Must-Ask Questions to Consider Before Selling Your Business

The decision to sell your business is not an easy one. You’ll need to consider everything from financial and human resources issues to the emotional impact on you personally. Before committing to a sale, it’s important to take the time to ask yourself the right questions. To see a full list of questions you need…

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Position Your Merger or Acquisition for Success

M&A failure rates are high.  Negotiations can be tricky.  So how do you give your company the best shot at a successful merger or acquisition? A key component is creating sustainable value in advance of closing the deal, and clearly demonstrating such during negotiations. Learn more in this recent article from  To get your…

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