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The Secret to Navigating Tomorrow’s Challenges

A common denominator of companies that successfully navigated through the previous tumultuous year was an engaged CFO. In these cases, the CFO worked with other business leaders to 1) stabilize the business, 2) find opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce costs, and 3) develop plans to manage future scenarios. If your business has not benefited…

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Reignite Growth With These Important Lessons

While this has been a year like no other and we are facing an uncertain future, you should maintain focus on growth beyond this short-term environment. During economic downturns, the tendency is to halt growth initiatives; however, recent research reveals that would be imprudent. After an analysis of 60 recent growth transformations, McKinsey & Company…

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Easy Steps to Complete Cash Flow Projections

This year and next are posing new and possibly unique challenges.  Staying intimately aware of your cash flow is as important as ever to help you make critical financial decisions. You may not know what to expect and may have to do some “out of the box” thinking, but it is vital to do your…

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The Key to Planning a Successful Exit Strategy

All business owners will exit their business at some point.  An exit plan will improve its success. While no two exit plans will look the same, one thing that should be consistent is getting started early. By determining your goals, strategies, and operational procedures early in the process you will be able to optimize increasing…

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What is a Cash Flow Statement and How to Use it Effectively

Most business owners understand that cash flow is the lifeblood of their business. However, the indirect method commonly used in GAAP financial statements is often confusing.  A deeper understanding of the multifaceted cash flow statement and the use of a more direct method can determine a business’s future viability, particularly in times of crisis. To…

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Increase Success With Ongoing Company Value Assessments

Ongoing assessment of a company’s value drivers is key to success. Regardless of the economic environment, company value should be monitored periodically. Business owners and executives must identify and understand what drives value both quantitatively and qualitatively. To learn about 10 essential drivers of company value, I encourage you to read this article on

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How to Develop a Flexible Financial Plan During Uncertainty

During this unprecedented time, existing financial plans and assumptions must be revisited and revised to maintain flexibility as conditions change. If you’re looking for a great guide to learn how to do that, I highly recommend reading an article I recently read by McKinsey & Company. Regardless of your company’s liquidity or risk tolerance, I…

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Strategies to Keep Your Company Healthy

It is natural for companies to focus on cost-cutting strategies during times of economic downturns. However, this limited focus can run a company quickly off-track if other strategies are ignored. To learn about a wide variety of strategies that should be considered, I encourage you to take a look at this article on While…

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Critical Steps to Stabilize Your Business and Plan for the Future

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the economy which means most businesses are facing challenging strategic financial management decisions. To learn more about the critical steps financial leaders can take to stabilize their businesses in the short term and prepare for the long term, I recommend reading this article by McKinsey. To read it, click…

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Short-Term Cash Flow Strategies to Survive an Immediate Crisis

Considering the current economic situation, many business owners have found themselves in a cash-flow crisis, and others may begin to experience it as the effects of massive unemployment flows through the economy.  In this moment of critical need, managing cash flow creatively can be the difference between failure and survival. To address this need, I…

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