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When Should an Entrepreneur Hire a CFO?

When Should an Entrepreneur Hire a CFO? December 9, 2011 By Kimberly Danek From Not every small business or company requires the services for a Chief Finance Officer or CFO, and as such, it is important that an entrepreneur knows the right time to hire one. To hire or not to hire a full-time…

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Business Check-Up – Is it time?

When was the last time your business had a check-up by someone outside your internal organization? 1. Do your bankers and lenders trust your internal financial statements? 2. Are your internal financial statements prepared without errors? 3. Does your internal accounting staff understand your financial statements from an accounting, income tax, business and industry perspective?…

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Inventory – The Big Cash Drain – Asset or Liability?

When working with new clients and/or prospects that sell or carry inventory, I always ask the owner(s) how quickly their inventory turns. Without hesitation, most reply 6 to 8 times per year. Then I ask them how they calculated or arrived at that number. The universal answer is “I just know”. Maybe correct or more…

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Why The Competition Isn’t Your Business Enemy

The author is an Entrepreneur contributor. The opinions expressed are those of the writer.   About the Author: Jim Joseph is the North American president of New York-based communications agency Cohn & Wolfe, part of the media company WPP Group PLC. He is the author of three books, including the latest, The Personal Experience Effect (Happy About 2013). Joseph also…

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Despite Economic Issues, It’s Still The 5 C’s of Credit

Nice article by my Dallas-Ft. Worth based B2B CFO® Partner, Glen Katlein. Despite economic issues, it’s still the five Cs of credit Glen J. Katlein Given the current economic climate, I believe entrepreneurs and CEOs, with help from their CFOs, must navigate the five Cs of credit harder and better than ever. Credit is available…

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Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Announces Alliance with B2B CFO®

Professional alliance offers more holistic approach for business owners Morgan Stanley Smith Barney has announced a new national alliance with B2B CFO®, the largest CFO services firm in the United States. This agreement provides an innovative blueprint for a coordinated effort to meet both the corporate and personal wealth management needs of privately held businesses…

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The True Benefits of Outsourcing

Nice article by George Dennis, CEO of TV Ears. He understands the benefits of outsourcing and how many small to medium size companies can benefit. FC Expert Blog The true benefits of outsourcing BY FC Expert Blogger George Dennis This blog is written by a member of our expert blogging community and expresses that expert’s…

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The Collections Process – Get the Sales Team Involved

I’ve never believed receivables collections is just an accounting task. Cleaning up receivables, instead, is an organizational goal and yes, sales needs to be involved. I teach my clients that cash is oxygen in their businesses as it gives them life. And that means the AR collection process is one of the most if not…

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Employee Theft – Can it happen to your Company, “YES”

Just last week, I learned of three separate instances of employee theft at some very prominent, privately held San Diego based companies.   I had to take a moment for all of this to sink in as had previously met several of the parties involved. It is not a nice thing to think about, but employee…

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California: Significant Tax Changes Recently Enacted

Synopsis: On November 6, California voters approved propositions that: •    Temporarily increase personal income and sales and use tax rates; •    Mandate the previously optional single-sales factor apportionment formula for corporate income tax; and •    Approved a new gross receipts tax for the City of San Francisco, to take effect in tax year 2014. Note…

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