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North Texas Millworks - Apr 17, 2014

Posted by: Bruce Benes in Testimonials

Bruce has been an invaluable asset to me and my company for sometime now. His expertise has guided me through many difficult situations including the purchase of my company, and all the difficulties that come with operating a small business. Bruce is very personable and has the ability to explain complicated issues in a simple manner making decisions that much easier to make. I would happily and enthusiastically recommend Bruce to anyone needing financial or overall business guidance.

Lokey Metals - Apr 14, 2014

Posted by: Bruce Benes in Testimonials

Bruce has been instrumental in streamlining the closing of our general ledger. Before he began working with us, we were several months behind in closing; our CPA review was delayed and took longer than it should have because we were not prepared. Bruce reviewed our procedures and made several recommendations. We made the changes that he suggested and now we close GL on time. This year's CPA review was completed promptly in March compared to July last year. Bruce attends our monthly management meeting where he provides a different viewpoint in our discussions. His participation is welcomed by the managers and is questions and opinions respected. I value our discussions about the financial issues at Lokey Metals. I'm happy to recommend Bruce!

Avatar - Apr 1, 2014

Posted by: Ronald W. Baker in Testimonials

You should consider engaging the services of Ron Baker. He provides us with financial expertise and guidance and has helped all of our companies, Avatar Management Services, Inc., The School Bus Safety Company and That Transit Para Transit Company, for more than two years. Ron built our financial model, helped us develop budgets, established financial benchmarks and improved our Cashflow forecasting. He introduced us to several new ideas that are saving us money. He's committed to delivering value and it shows. He doesn't just make recommendations. He dived in working side-by-side with our grinders and minders (ask him about those guys) and helps us in practical ways. As a result, I've introduced him to several other CEOs. Ron brought in fresh perspectives and ways to save money. He introduced us to a cost segregation study, but it didn't pan out (for now). Later, he introduced us to our new P&C insurance provider. They provided us with more comprehensive coverage at lower premiums. The point is, Ron delivers value very quickly. Ron is a true financial professional who genuinely cares about my business. I consider him a trusted adviser and good friend. Please feel free to call me for a reference any time.

The Al and Sharyne Wallace Foundation, Inc. - Feb 4, 2014

Posted by: Joanie Gable in Testimonials

When we sold our business we were undecided about how to invest the money. Our financial confidant and friend, Joanie Gable, did not hesitate. Your family needs to start a Family Charitable Foundation. We were unfamiliar with this concept but having known and trusted Joanie in excess of 20 years, we invested in pursuing the opportunities. She was correct that our family is a giving family, into missions and other charities and we could leave a legacy that would last many generations to come. It was really nice that this strategy would save tax dollars that we could then give away. As it turned out, the immediate cause we were to support was right in our family. Our son-in-law, a former NFL player has endured post-concussion related symptoms for years with little understanding f the condition. As we studied the invisible injury of concussion and head trauma, we decided to make it a visible issue through our Family Foundation. Our mission to educate and raise awareness through our Wise Up! Initiative enables family to spend time and work together while reaching our world with a message of hope and change. Thanks to Joanie's vision, wisdom, encouragement and heart for others, we are making a difference.

Mid America Engine, Inc. - Jan 29, 2014

Posted by: Joanie Gable in Testimonials

For an International company, in business for 30 years with revenues of $60-$80 million, the financial statements being outsourced to a small bookkeeping firm left no room for accuracy or profit maximization. A referral suggested we contact Joanie Gable to provide CFO services to bring our issues in house. The expertise she brought to the company resulted in a total transformation. Multiple profit centers, project costing, inventory controls, cash management, tax planning, accuracy, procedures and order have been established. In a short period of time a Compilation, two reviews and two Audits were finalized. The staff was trained, learned many valuable lessons and actually had a lot of fun in the process. The company is in a position to grow, merge, or sell... whatever the future might hold. Joanie is a trusted and loved member of our business family.

What is the Right Price? - Sep 30, 2013

Posted by: Donald Lundbom in Articles


"Nothing is more useful than water: but it will purchase scarce anything... A diamond, on the contrary, has scarce any value in use; but a very great quantity of other goods may frequently be had in exchange for it." - Adam Smith [1723-1790]


Traditional pricing methods have generally calculated price as "cost + profit."

Experience has taught me that pricing is an art, not a science. Customers do not care about your internal cost or whether you make a profit. They want to receive more in value than the price they are paying or they won't purchase the product.


I believe that the whole theory of pricing is undergoing a paradigm shift. As we move from a labor- intensive society to an intellectual, capital society, Cost-Plus Pricing no longer works. Every business owner needs to understand what value their customers place on the services they provide or the products they produce. Values are determined by how much money customers are willing to pay for those products and services. It is the customer's point of view that now drives value.


Your customers' access to information on prices has increased dramatically with the advent of the Internet. In addition, social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. spread information (good or bad) about your company's products or services.

Pricing power has moved into the customers' hands. We are moving from Cost-Plus Pricing to Market-Based Pricing.


Under the Cost-Plus Pricing model, a product's cost is determined by the labor, materials and capital requirements of that product. The business owner's required return on his investment is added to the product cost to determine the value (price)delivered (charged) to the customer. This pricing theory is internally focused and may or may not be what a customer is willing to pay given their access to your competition's pricing information.


Under the Market-Based Pricing model, the customer determines the value they would place on the features and benefits of your product or service, which results in the product's price. The product's price is reduced by the required rate of return to arrive at the target cost of the product.


If the target cost can be met during the product design process, then it will produce the desired profitability and will meet both the customers' and the company's needs. If the target costs cannot be achieved it should not be introduced as a product.


Morgan Stanley - Aug 24, 2013

Posted by: Mike Ridder in Testimonials

I am pleased to endorse Mike. He is a consummate professional,expreienced and very knowledgable. Stephen Fox Executive Director Morgan Stanley

Employer health care mandate is delayed until 2015 - Jul 17, 2013

Posted by: Don Noskowiak in Articles

The delay of the Employer mandate affects those companies with 50 or more full time employees. Those of you with less than 50 full time employees are not affected by this, but your employees who don't have coverage must still comply with the individual mandate to purchase coverage or pay a fine. The individual mandate, which requires all individuals without insurance to purchase it by January 1, 2014 as well as the the opening of the Exchange by October 1, 2013 have not been delayed. Those required to buy insurance under the individual mandate are eligible for tax credits to subsidize their premiums. Because the reporting requirements have been delayed, the Treasury will not have accurate data to assess whether and to what extent an individual is eligible for tax credits...stay tuned, further changes or delays may be in the works...read more...http://www.cgma.org/magazine/news/pages/20138268.aspx

Tanner's Pecans & Candles, Inc. - Jul 6, 2013

Posted by: Joanie Gable in Testimonials

We have had the privilege of being a client of Joanie's for over 3 years now. It did not take long being with her that we saw the compassion that she had for us, not just as a client, but also as a friend. I can truly say that her integrity is above reproach and we trust her implicitly. We engaged Joanie to come in to analyze our operation and make suggestions for improvement. It is an understatement to say that we were not prepared for the hard hitting reality that she brought back to us. In a very short amount of time she was able to get a keen sense of many of our issues and set us on a path for success. Her recommendations were spot on. Rome was not built in a day and neither are changes in business processes, therefore I consider Joanie to be a long-term member of our family.

Gracious Gifts, LLC, dba FunkyChunky - Jun 11, 2013

Posted by: Ken Saddler in Testimonials

My wife, Ronni, and I met Ken while reaching out for a well qualified B2B CFO in the Twin Cities about 3 years ago to assist us in the preparation of selling our artisan gourmet snacks business. We were truly grateful to have selected him based upon his extensive background in manufacturing, accounting expertise and experience, and excellent communication skills. Within a few months after implementing better accounting practices and overseeing a 3rd party annual financial review, we asked Ken to become the quarterback of our subject matter experts team (M & A Executive, Attorney and CPA), as we moved forward in seeking a potential qualified buyer. It took 3 years for us to reach our goal. Ken was very instrumental in keeping the team very focused and our financials in excellent shape, which shortened the due diligence time spent by the buyer. In addition, his valued input and feedback and business leadership were instrumental throughout the entire process. Over the past years Ken has become a valued confidant and close friend. I would recommend him to any company large or small that is looking for a CFO. He will bring a strong skill set, years of accounting experience, and a “go the extra mile” attitude to accomplish your goals while improving financial processes. Sandy Feuer Chief Operating Officer Gracious Gifts, Inc., dba FunkyChunky 06/2013

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