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Business Navigation Setting A Course

The most fundamental rule of navigation is: “You must know where you are before you know which way to go.” Sometimes it may seem obvious which way to go but without knowing your real position how do you know if you are heading in the right direction? Picture yourself sailing along in the Pacific on…

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The Moment A Great Example Of Teamwork And Persistence

The Moment A great example of teamwork and persistence  I often find that sailing is a metaphor for business and life. The following is an article, written by my friend and crewmate, Jeff Blanton, that shows how teamwork and persistence can make the difference between victory and defeat.   I had the pleasure and priviledge to…

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Reciprocity Or How You Can Help Me Help You.

A friend asked me today to send him an email that answered two basic questions. What are you looking for in terms of leads and referrals? What can I tell my contacts you will do for them? His intent was to make sure he knew what I wanted him to do for me and to make…

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May Economic Outlook Some Interesting Trends

Dear clients and other friends: I get several economic forecasts but the one’s I find the most comprehensive are from  James Paulsen ( not Henry Paulson) , Chief Investment Strategist for Wells Capital Management . What makes his reports  remarkable is how readable they are! You can access his reports through at www.wellscap.com  or I would…

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La Times Article A Budget Is Key To Small Business Success

Great article on small business budgeting. http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-smallbiz11-2009aug11,0,4726601.story Let’s talk about how I can help you get your hands around your planning for next year. Jim Bateman 562 370 0125

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