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Discover the Difference Between Surviving and Thriving in a Post-Covid World

Many businesses are doing everything they can just to survive this global pandemic. However, there is a great need to also begin planning for a post-pandemic world. Even if you only spend a few hours a week on long-term strategic planning, making it a high priority now gives you a stronger ability to make smarter…

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How to Raise Prices the Right Way for the Right Reasons

Many companies are looking for ways to increase their revenue streams and raising the prices of products or services is an obvious way to achieve that goal. However, raising prices the right way and for the right reasons can mean the difference between success and failure. If you are interested in learning important factors to…

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How to Get CFO Expertise With a Limited Budget

Many growing companies need the experience and expertise of a CFO, but they do not have adequate resources to support a full-time CFO position. A possible solution to this problem is to contract the part-time services of a fractional CFO. A person with this skill set can assist in setting financial goals or addressing financial…

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15 Strategies to Help You Rise Out of Hard Times

In current times, organizations need to fearlessly and swiftly adapt to daily changes while building hope and confidence. The challenge is: How do you do that? The answer is strategies. It’s important to have a set of strategies at work to lead your team out of this unprecedented economic challenge. The key is first learning…

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ACT NOW: A New Round of PPP Funds is Available

If your company or organization missed the first round of the Paycheck Protection Program funding from the SBA or were declined because funds were exhausted, a new round of funding has been approved. To take advantage of the program, I encourage you to contact your bank immediately. You should confirm that your bank has all…

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Grow Your Business With a Cash Flow Forecast

Even if you have a well thought out strategic plan, the lack of a good cash flow forecast can lead to a crisis. If you want to prevent that from occurring, it’s important to take steps now to develop a strong cash flow forecast. While you may want to outsource this work, it’s smart to…

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