How to Start Your Year Off Right

Posted on February 3, 2021 by Joe Eleshio

If you are like many people, you probably started the year off with some resolutions and ideas for how to improve your business. But have you considered developing a strategic plan? 

In many cases, owners of smaller and medium-sized businesses think strategic plans are only possible for large businesses. While it is true that developing a strategic plan requires a certain amount of time and money, there are resources that can help you do-it-yourself or hire someone to do it for a reasonable cost. The benefit of hiring someone is that you will gain an outside perspective that can help you see more clearly and introduce concepts that you may not have thought of. In some cases, doing it yourself may be the only option but when possible, this outside perspective can be gold. 

To get an idea about what a strategic plan would address, I recommend reading this article on If you would like a complimentary Discover Analysis, during which we could discuss your specific business objectives, contact me at

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