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The Problem With The 5-Year Exit Plan

Most business owners who are asked about their exit plans will reply that they want to exit their business ‘in about 5 years.’  In reality, this 5-year window is a subconscious resistance to beginning the process of planning for an exit.  This is a true statement evidenced by the fact that the same owner will…

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How is Selling Your Business Like Franchising?

Anything a business owner does to systemize their business to make it ready to franchise will help it even if it does not franchise. This is one of the valuable ideas in a recent podcast by Josh Patrick interviewing Neel Parekh of MaidThis. Find the podcast here. I have been advising business owners for years…

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virtual accounting

Is virtual accounting hindering your finance functions?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many of us to move to virtual accounting functions. This virtualization has caused many disruptions. As a result, many of us have the need to move to digital tools and ways of working. This means we must make these tools work with or improve our current systems and processes. A…

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To Get A Business Loan Know How The Bank Thinks

In a recent blog post, Scott Medintz of The New York Times said, “Small-business owners should cultivate a relationship with a local banker — ideally, long before they need a loan — and treat that relationship as a long-term partnership.” This is excellent advice! Most business owners know that, second only to “Cash is King,”…

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Survive Or Thrive

Many companies have made operational changes during the recent down turn in the economy. If you are one of the ones who have not, your company may need to make some quick and aggressive changes. When doing so you must consider the business risks in addition to the immediate financial gains. For example, by eliminating…

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The Art Of Asking The Right Questions

My friend Mark Green of Performance Dynamics Group LLC recently wrote this great article on asking the right questions and the price of not asking the right questions. I’ve found that asking the right questions is indeed critically important in my work helping business owners. The Art of Asking the Right Questions What makes a good question?…

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Cash Past Present Future

A company can never have too much cash! A company can, however, easily run out of cash and get into The Danger Zone, as explained in the book written by Jerry Mills, the Founder of our firm, B2B CFO®. The process of protecting, generating and maximizing cash can be broken down into three phases –…

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