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Seven Criteria Buyers Look for in an Acquisition

Beyond timing, what do buying companies really look for when they consider a new acquisition?  Any buyer is going to have their own set of criteria depending on market conditions, strategic direction and available opportunities.  Buyers essentially have at least 7 criteria they look at: 1. Vision Fit.  Do you have similar visions or strategic…

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What Do Buyers Look for in Acquiring a Company?

One of the first things a buyer looks at is timing.  Is it right?  For them.  There are all kinds of buyers: bottom fishers, turnaround specialists, financial buyers, and strategic buyers.  These are just among the few.  The type of buyer will play a major role in the valuation of a deal. Business cycles also…

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May the 4th Be With You

Happy 4th of July from here in the greater Orlando, Sanford and Lake Mary area! What a fantastic day, this 238th birthday of America. Parades, barbeques, and fireworks will be themes for the day, and yet we need to remember those impacted by Hurricane Arthur, which bypassed us here, but hit further up the east…

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Remembering D-Day This Weekend

Seventy years ago, on June 6 1944, America’s greatest generation landed at Normandy, traversed the English Channel, evaded barricades, barb wire, coastal barriers, cannon and machine gun emplacements, established a beachhead, and a year later freed Europe. A hundred thousand men, transportation, support, supplies, embarked on an endeavor never seen before or since. General Eisenhower…

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