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A Practical Guide To Growth Using Contract Marketing and Finance Executive Resources

Mark Coronna, Partner & CMO–Chief Outsiders with John Morris, Partner, B2B CFO® and Ken Saddler, Partner, B2B CFO®   The use of contract executives (also referred to as fractional, on-demand, or outsourced executives) is relatively new in leadership and organizational staffing models. The oldest and largest contract executive company, B2B CFO®, was founded in 1987. …

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M&A Challenges

I am a veteran of a number of sell side transactions.  Seeing a business sale to the end is a landmark achievement.  The process is filled with obstacles all the way through. One of the most significant challenges is to keep business momentum moving forward.  This is much easier than it sounds.  Business owners balancing…

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What Do Successful Business Managers Do?

I have had the good fortune to work with a few really good managers and business owners; and more than a few not so good managers and owners.  And while there are a number of traits that the good managers possess and use, there are two that I believe are critical: Insane focus on the…

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What I Learned as a Paper Boy

I was sitting at a lunch with clients and their private equity owners and we were having a discussion of first jobs.  Many of us had delivered papers as our first jobs. I had not focused on the fundamental, blocking and tackling business lessons we had learned until we were talking about it at the…

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