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How to Price for Value & Profit? Pricing on Purpose.

Successful companies develop and adopt pricing structures that communicate their value proposition. Chances are, most of your customers aren’t price-sensitive as much as they are value-conscious.  You can positively impact the company’s bottom line and increase market share with the right pricing strategy. A recent survey conducted by Bain and Company revealed that most CEOs…

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Keep Your Revenue Flowing Smoothly

For most businesses, establishing recurring revenue isn’t only good for business, it can play a key role to ensure you receive top value when it comes time to sell. Recurring revenue streams come in all sorts such as: Creating services or retainer plans Offering physical product subscriptions Building a membership for coaching or consulting services…

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Leaving your company in good shape for a successor

As we approach September 11th, Patriots Day, I recall a recent piece I read in the Harvard Management Update.  The report stated that 172 corporate Vice Presidents perished in one day when the twin towers came down on Sept. 11, 2001. (1) This tragic event drove home to many CEOs and business owners that life…

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Does My Business Need An Emergency Fund? If so, how much?

The discussion of an emergency fund usually takes place after a disaster strikes. In turbulent financial times, a lack of cash on hand can spell trouble. Research shows only half of businesses have a cash buffer of just 27 days. (Source: JP Morgan Institute)  Disasters such as fire, hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, and power outages happen…

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For Businesses Facing Financial Uncertainty, CFOs Provide Direction

As we look to the future of our post-pandemic world, businesses must diversify revenue streams, reduce risk, get financing, and retain existing customers—many of whom will have different expectations in a new-normal environment.  The tectonic shifts brought on by COVID-19 are creating opportunities for businesses to improve their operations and pivot their business models. Many…

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Are you running your business? Or is your business running you?

Leading a business comes with high pressure and high stakes. How do you respond when everyone is leaning into you for answers, directions, and advice? Being at the top can be lonely, especially when the urgencies of the day are competing for your attention. Do you feel you have limited time to focus fully on…

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Want to Sell Your Business? Begin with the End in Mind.

At a Glance: ◆ 73 million Baby Boomers will retire in the next several years. ◆ Baby Boomers own more than 4 million privately-held businesses. ◆ They employ between 60-70% of all U.S. employees. ◆ 49% of surveyed business owners lack knowledge of the market value of their business. Selling a business for top dollar…

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Improve Your Chances of Obtaining A Business Loan

Obtaining a business loan is necessary for many companies that need to fund growth for an expansion, purchase new equipment, cover day-to-day operating expenses, or even increase working capital. Today’s economic climate is creating ideal conditions for business growth opportunities and getting that business loan can provide the fuel your business needs to reach the…

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3 Steps to Correct the Business Growth Plateau

Ah, the dreaded business plateau. It can feel like you hit a ceiling. While the barrier to new sales and revenue may seem impenetrable, recognizing and addressing the bottleneck to business growth is the first step in a common occurrence within the business lifecycle. Sure, you may have cutting-edge products, superior customer service and a…

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Finding the Exit in a Family-Owned Business

Family owned businesses are economic powerhouses that drive local, national, and global economies.  Here’s a quick glance on how family-owned businesses impact the American economy. Family businesses account for 64 percent of U.S. gross domestic product They generate 62 percent of the country’s employment They account for 78 percent of all new job creation. 40.3…

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