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man looks ahead at financial forecast

Improve Your Top Line With Bottom-Up Forecasting

Many entrepreneurs are tempted to build their forecasts with a top-down approach. They look at the total market share and guess how much of it they can garner. While this approach can provide some interesting data to consider, most of the time it doesn’t give a company a realistic forecast. The alternative is taking a…

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leadership team hands huddle to begin merger

How to Equip Leaders for a Successful Merger

Thinking about merging with another business? It’s a massive, high-risk venture that can go south quickly. So what’s the biggest key to success? According to an article I read on recently, it’s the readiness of your leadership team. In order to respond effectively to the constantly-changing dynamics of a merger, leadership capability building must begin well…

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business man giving presentation on employee owned businesses and exit strategy

Employee-Owned Businesses: A Win-Win Alternative in Saturated Markets

With the large number of baby boomers retiring , many areas of the country are experiencing an overwhelming increase in the number of  businesses for sale. While several  options are available to the seller, transferring the businesses’ ownership to the employees is one option that can be a win-win for everyone. To learn more about…

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How to Avoid 6 Common Financial Mistakes

Over the years, many clients have come to me in crisis due to a financial mistake or lack of planning. I am honored that they come to me to solve the problems but am keenly aware that with a little proactive planning and increased knowledge, these mistakes could have been avoided. If you would like…

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The 4 Traits of The Most Successful Leaders

If you ask a roomful of professionals what are the essential characteristics of a successful leader, you most likely will get a long list. But, the question is, are all of these traits necessary and translate into significant results for the organization. According to research done by the consulting firm McKinsey & Company, the answer is no.…

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chess game represents strategy

How to Avoid Strategic Errors in Your Company

Every business is faced with many kinds of decisions but some are more critical than others. The challenge is that many leaders confuse strategic decisions with tactical or operation decisions. To make the best decisions, one must recognize the difference between them and understand that tactical and operation errors can usually be corrected but strategic…

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The Art of Listening: The Key to Good Relationships

Have you ever had someone say to you, “Please let me finish,” or “You’re not listening to what I am telling you?” These are all cries for attention. Most people, in the heat of an exchange with others, do not recognize it, or worse, acknowledge it. The people who really make me take note of…

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Dynamic Stability: Oxymoron or Key to Financial Growth?

The modern market demands that business owners and CFOs balance two seemingly contradictory tasks to achieve financial growth. They must maintain the stable core of the business while simultaneously looking for innovative ways to adapt to future challenges to maximize long-term financial growth. This concept of “dynamic stability” is the focus of a great article…

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How to Set Priorities When Management Doesn’t Make it Clear

I recently ran across an article that said that more than 90 percent of employees don’t fully understand their priorities and what’s expected of them to help achieve company goals. While this statistic is disturbing, it’s not hard to believe. As most of you know, prioritizing can be one of the most frustrating aspects of…

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5 Tips to Reduce Employee Turnover & Improve Financial Success

According to a recent study by the Dale Carnegie Institute, 15 percent of employees are actively looking for jobs and another 26 percent are planning to leave their current job in the next year.  So, what’s reason? Bad management. Many times companies are losing money because they don’t recognize how much money is lost due…

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