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Every Business Owner Should Read “The Danger Zone”

I have given out many copies of “The Danger Zone, Lost in the Growth Transition” by Jerry Mills to business owners the last several years.  I have been told by many of these CEO’s that after reading the book they had an “ah ha” moment.  They go on to say that they thought they were…

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Dispelling Financial Statement Myths

For successful companies, timely and accurate financial statements are the cornerstone of sound financial management.  While the information is historical it provides information critical to the management of any business.  The meaning of the numbers comes alive through meaningful comparisons and analysis.  Yet there are many business owners that miss the opportunity to manage their…

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5 Common Small Business Challenges

In working as a CFO with small growing entrepreneurial businesses, I have discovered several common financial related issues with which they struggle. When I first start working with these businesses, most if not all of these issues exist. All of them are critical to their success in managing and growing their businesses. The good news…

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The Unofficial Organization Chart

As the owner of a business, much of the future success you will achieve or the future pain you will feel or the results of the future exit strategy from your company will be predicated on how well you are able to manage the time of all those that work within your own organization. Too…

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