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Tatum vs. B2B CFO®

We do not view Tatum, LLC as a competitor to our firm, even though many people in the country consider us to be competitors.

There are significant differences between B2B CFO® and Tatum. The following may be useful as a tool for you to understand and validate any differences.

Criteria B2B CFO® Tatum, LLC
Position claimed on home page of website USA's largest CFO firm focusing on mid-market companies See their website
Market served (client sales volume), as claimed on the home page of the website Up to $75 million See their website
Year started 1987 1993
Books published to help owners of closely-held businesses as well as the partners of the firm The Danger Zone, Lost in the Growth Transition and
Avoiding The Danger Zone, Business Illusions
Ask Tatum
Publications to help closely-held companies in the process of selling their business Finding The Exit Ask Tatum
Each CFO is uniquely identified with photo, bio and contact information on the company's website Yes Ask Tatum
Each CFO has their own blog on the company website to uniquely promote themselves Yes Ask Tatum
Each CFO has a unique URL to promote themselves Yes Ask Tatum
Five partners quoted in Inc . Magazine, November 2008 issue Yes Yes
CFOs are restricted to territories and are not able to work outside of those territories without company permission No Ask Tatum
All company profits are distributed to the partners on a semi-annual basis Yes Ask Tatum
Clients must sign a lengthy, restrictive contract prior to engagement for services rendered No Ask Tatum
Each CFO is given extensive and proven sales training to find clients Yes Ask Tatum
Each new CFO is assigned to a senior Mentor to help with their progress Yes Ask Tatum
Focuses solely on CFO and Exit Strategy services Yes Ask Tatum
Each CFO is a trusted long-term business advisor that will stay with the client for a decade or more Yes Ask Tatum
On-line Forum software that allows collaboration and advice from fellow CFO partners Yes Ask Tatum
On-line intranet resource library, including intellectual property created by the partners as well as the latest technical software to support each CFO Yes Ask Tatum
Each CFO is the exclusive CFO to the client Yes Ask Tatum
Annual meetings for all partners to meet, collaborate and get to know each other Yes Ask Tatum
Provides the latest newsletter software to promote each CFO individually Yes Ask Tatum
CFOs are promoted as "Interim" or "Temporary" CFOs No Ask Tatum
CFOs can participate in success fees when their client sells the business Yes Ask Tatum
Each new partner is personally trained by the Founder and CEO of the company Yes Ask Tatum

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