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Boyd has been assisting Texas business owners as a B2B CFO partner since 2012.

Following is a sampling of the clients he has helped:

  • National supplier of Durable Medical Equipment to hospice patients
  • Multi location full service promotional products company
  • Aftermarket national manufacturer, supplier and installer of high quality automobile products
  • Inventor and promoter of consumer products who appeared on the TV show, Shark Tank
  • Regional skin and hair treatment centers
  • Flooring and installation retailer
  • The clients Boyd has assisted have annual revenues between $2 and $90 million.

Client testimonials about Boyd include the following statements:

"You have made a HUGE IMPACT on positioning my company for the next wave of growth."

"You worked very hard to earn my trust..."

"Your straightforward management and communication style made it comfortable for me to trust you."

"I had the benefit of listening to your advice on almost every major decision..."
"You provided leadership in the finance, human resources and inventory teams that never before existed."

Boyd's services for his clients have included:

Cash management improvement

This is almost always the key area of concern for business owners. Boyd examines the current process, identifies and explains problem areas to the owners and their staff and, recommends and implements improvements. Accounts receivable collections and inventory management are key areas always needing to be examined and improved.

This results in significant improvement of cash flow, less sleepless nights for the owners and financial leadership for the staff.

Financial Reporting improvement

Accurate monthly financial statements provide the owners with the ability to plan and correct operational problem areas. Cash flow can more easily be managed when the financial statements accurately reflect the performance of the business.

Boyd examines the monthly closing process and recommends actions that not only improve the accuracy of the financial statements, but the timing of their delivery to management.

Planning and Budgeting

Boyd uses the planning process to assist the management in developing the desired direction and magnitude of the owner's plans. This results in company direction that includes the things that have to be done to achieve the plan as well as the measures and financial projections.
His years of experience provide the ability use the plan and financial statements to point out operational and management improvement areas to the owners.

He is an experienced Chief Financial Officer and expert strategic and financial planner who provides the owner or management of a $500 thousand to $90 million revenue sized company with the information and insight needed to optimize profits and cash flow. Boyd provides these services on an as-needed basis.

Boyd's efforts support entrepreneurs who want to focus on growing and developing their businesses.

He possesses over 40 years of successful business and financial management experience, including 15 years as CFO for a medium sized privately held corporation. As the CFO, he provided the owner and management team with timely and accurate reporting, detailed planning and pinpoint cash management. In terms of administrative responsibility, he actively managed and continuously improved: payroll and employee benefits; human resources and recruiting; management information systems; and insurance and risk management. In addition to his CFO duties, he also completed a two years assignment as head of operations in Europe.

Boyd also possesses control and executive experience in accounting and financial planning for two Fortune 500 companies over more than 20 years.

He has supported owners and management teams in the following industries: Engineering; Construction; Manufacturing; High Technology Electronics Manufacturing; Distribution; Retail and; Service and Support of many types.

Boyd also assists in training the client's existing Controllers and bookkeepers to be more effective and valuable in their current positions.

Following are a few samples of his achievements:

  • Accelerated and improved the financial reporting process, enhancing cost, margins and cash visibility and management decision-making.
  • Significantly improved utilization of manufacturing and cost systems, improving cost estimating and product pricing.
  • Closed several multi-million financing arrangements with banks and finance companies in the U.S. and Europe on improved terms.
  • Successfully guided the management team through covenant default and resulting refinancing.
  • Developed the exit strategy with the owner and worked with the success team to provide the supporting documents for the sale of the company.

Boyd earned his MBA in Finance and his BS in Accounting at California State University.

Boyd and his wife, Lorna, have been married over 40 years and have two grown daughters and two grandchildren.

Boyd Calvin

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