Cam McConnell

Palos Verdes Estates, CA CFO

48 Years of Experience

In Cam's early experience as a CPA with KPMG, he noticed that his clients followed a business pattern in which, despite laboring to increase sales, clients experienced diminishing marginal profit contributions. After moving to a Fortune 500 business conglomerate that was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Cam observed that the subsidiaries of the conglomerate as well as its target acquisitions presented the same pattern of diminishing marginal profit contributions.

Recognizing that the business owners were adhering to outdated economic theories and management policies, Cam became driven to develop a methodology that would transform the mindset of business owners. Rather than working from a position of laboring to profit, business owners would adopt a mindset of prosperity - and a business plan that leads to continual profit growth.

Cam then founded MGLLC, a financial advising firm whose mission it was to advise business owners by first identifying patterns that lead to lagging pretax profits and then applying Cam's proprietary Business Modeling Methodology (BMM). By providing owners and managers with the skills to develop and implement new business plans, Cam's clients were able to rebuild reliable, sustainable results and maintain from 10% to 15% pretax profit returns on annualized sales. This generated sufficient capital to continually invest in innovations.

Since its inception, MGLLC has served over 400 clients who have successfully applied the BMM to a wide range of businesses, including manufacturing, distribution, and service industries. To date, the resulting improved market value of client companies is in excess of three billion dollars. With a goal to freely share this methodology of business success, Cam authored his book, "Build to Prosper," which releases the secrets of this straightforward process to business owners and to those who serve them.

In joining B2BCFO, Cam has chosen a direct path to continuing his goals of creating value and advising business owners about how to achieve further success.

Cam believes that B2BCFO's "Game Plan" Methodology and "Succession/Exit Plan" Methodology offer the business owner the greatest tools to prosper and create an inheritance for future generations.

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University of Southern California Graduate School, Management Policy Institute.
California State University, Long Beach, B.S. Accounting

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Chosen as Executive of the Year by the Jr. Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles


Fiduciary Round Table/Pasadena, California

Lake Avenue Foundation/ Pasadena, California

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