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Dave has over 30 years experience in business management and leadership. He has worked in a national (Big 4) public accounting firm as well as a local public accounting firm before building and managing his solo public accounting practice. This public accounting experience exposed Dave to multiple industries including manufacturing, oil and gas drilling and production, health care providers, grain distributors, cattle traders and retail merchandisers. His experience in public accounting led him to employment opportunities with clients. Dave has spent approximately half of his professional career working in corporate positions first as controller then as CFO. His corporate experience has included primarily construction and retail merchandising.

An attitude of business executive first, accountant second has served Dave well during his business career. He has a proven record of being able to work with all members of the management team to enhance each member's operational effectiveness. He is effective in implementing operational reports that assist non-financial members of the management team. Since all effective financial reporting is rooted in good operational data, this helps gather necessary data at its source in an accurate and timely manner. Non-financial members of the management team see value in gathering timely and accurate data, which leads to timely and accurate financial reports for the financial management team.

Having experienced both sides of business operations while working with corporate employers - plentiful sales leading to ample profits and declining sales leading to leading to scarce profits and scarcer cash - Dave brings firsthand experience to the table regarding the necessities of what it takes to keep a business running in good times or bad times. Real life experiences has reinforced his belief that you never abandon the fundamentals that you know are necessary to operate and maintain a successful business - customers that allow to you make a profit and maintain a more than adequate cash flow. A business without profits and cash is either dead or dying. Dave helps the CEO focus on profitable customers and planning for the future of the company, while he focuses on maximizing the cash flow. With profitable customers you can manage cash flow. Without profitable customers, there is no cash to manage.

Dave graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1975 with a BBA degree. He earned this degree in four years while working 30 plus hours per week to pay his college expenses. He earned his CPA certificate in 1977. Dave and his wife Susie have been married for 25 years. They have two children and five grandchildren. Hobbies include reading (primarily of the founding period of American History, military history related to World War II and American Presidents) and following the activities of the grandkids. He and Susie also enjoy spending time on the beach.

Dave Davenport

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    Business Assistance Center/Eco Development, City of Fort Worth, Texas; mentor low income persons who are starting their own businesses.

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