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Greg, residing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has over 30 years' accounting, finance, and operations experience. He graduated from Lehigh University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Economics majoring in Accounting. Greg's experience includes serving as CFO, Corporate Controller, Mutual Fund and Alternative Investments Treasurer, Operations Department Head, Trustee of a self-funded Employee Health Benefits Plan, sitting on the Board of Directors of a Florida accredited College, and has participated as a Committee Member of various industry associations. Greg is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and is licensed as Broker/Dealer Financial Operations Principal (FINRA Series 27).

The role of the CFO is one of financial stewardship. Greg values the role of the CFO as a strategic partner and advisor to the CEO. CFO services must add value by assisting to clarify the business model and how businesses actually work within their given industries. By assisting Owners and Staff in achieving these goals, processes can be properly designed or improved upon to deliver desired results. Successful CFO services include an agreement with the senior management team as to the appropriate measures of a CFO's success. The role of the CFO must be one governed by integrity, conservatism (as appropriate), and transparency to instill a "no surprises" culture within the organization at all levels.

Internal Controls
Greg's career began at a premier "Big Four" accounting firm where he learned the importance of internal controls. Greg learned that accounting operations as well as transaction based operations must be grounded by controls. Controls secure assets and maintain the integrity of accounting and reporting systems. Most deficiencies within an organization are symptomatic of less than adequate internal controls and/or resourcing constraints or competencies that limit or constrain the control environment.

Corporate Accounting
While serving as Corporate Controller of a 15 clinic network of Medical centers and Physician Associations, Greg was first exposed to the intricacies of complex accounting, including general ledger, liability management, transfer pricing, corporate consolidations and taxation. His responsibilities included accounting, payroll, human resources, and serving as Trustee of a self-funded Employee Health Benefits Plan.

Accounting Cycle Management
As an auditor Greg was introduced to the interrelationships within accounting cycles such as revenues and accounts receivable (including reserving), expenses and accounts payable, and inventory measurement and valuation. And, he gained a comprehensive understanding of balance sheet reconciliations and verification techniques so critical to the integrity of accounting information and asset protection. Of vital importance is the regular reporting of reliable financial information and reporting results to key operational and senior management personnel. Additionally, Greg has significant experience in working with independent accountants and auditors.

Treasury Management
As CFO, Greg understands the importance of cash availability reporting and cash flow forecasting, maximization of available cash balances, leveraged financing, stand-by financing and contingency planning, cash controls and safeguarding cash, and intercompany accounts management.

Capitalization and Financings
As CFO, Greg's experience includes bank debt financings and re-financings (such as real estate, secured and unsecured loans, and lines of credit), raising capital through a private placement, mega-yacht financing ($41 million world class vessel), and new equity capitalization via the sale of founders shares and issuance of new common stock.

Risk Management and Contingency Planning
As a CFO, Greg gained an understanding of the importance of organizational Risk Management including (but not limited to) asset safeguarding, insurance protection, business diversification, regulatory compliance, managing rating agencies (where applicable), identifying and managing complex and high risk processes, service provider oversight, corporate records retention, continuity of business and disaster recovery, and contingency planning.

Metrics reporting
Greg's experience includes developing "dashboards" and metrics through the gathering of statistical data and volume metrics, Key Performance Indicators (KPI's), and Key Risk Indicators (KRI's). Metrics can reveal opportunities to improve overall performance, top line growth, bottom line growth (expense management), liability management, and identifying risk areas.

IT, Systems Backup, and Disaster Recovery
Every organization is venerable to less than adequate IT management, systems backup capabilities and disaster recovery. Greg's experience includes significant reliance on, and maintenance of, critical IT systems whether in-house developed or vendor managed.

Employee Training and Mentoring
Over the years Greg has been called upon to provide new employee training, employee mentoring, specific technical training, and training in management theory and practices. Greg has lead dozens of employee "Town Halls". He is a strong proponent of daily Staff "Huddles" to set the day's critical (and optimal) activities based on an organization's goals, objectives, and priorities. Identifying and closing information and communication gaps with an organization and its Staff can yield immediate results.

Project and Process Management
Greg's 33 years of experience have led him to believe that the CFO is often the best candidate to help manage or co-manage critical projects and processes. Whether financial in nature or operational in nature, the CFO should be involved to alleviate the burden on other Executive Managers.

Process Improvement Initiatives
At a major international bank, Greg championed a pilot program (later rolled out to the entire Division) for process improvement and reengineering. Phases of such a program include: 1.) understanding the current state of processes and procedures, 2.) evaluation of waist and redundant processes, 3). capturing improvement ideas from constituents who live and breathe the processes, 4.) design of improvement initiatives, 5.) prototyping the redesigned processes, 6.) full implementation of proven improvement initiatives tested in the prototype environment, and, 7.) ongoing capturing and evaluating process improvement ideas that may lead to new improvement initiatives. Of course, this program can be tailored to any size organization.

Diversification of Activities and Industries
Greg's experience includes auditing, budgeting and business planning, accounting and finance, fixed asset management, insurance protection, banking relationships, vendor relationships, corporate accounting and treasury, accounts receivable and accounts payable, tax oversight, contract and lease negotiations/renewals, and customer accounts administration. Industries include holding companies, banking, mutual funds and alternative investments administration (private equity, hedge funds, and UIT's), insurance companies, for-profit college administration, medical providers, real estate, investments in structured finance products, and Broker/Dealers.

Greg is experienced in reporting to Executive Management and Boards of Directors, membership on Boards of Directors and Trusts, Management Committee membership, and industry association membership.

Other Activities
Greg has been a panelist/speaker for various industry conferences. He was awarded the "MVP" award in 2011 for his leadership initiatives in an industry sponsored Fund Administration and Custody Committee.

Greg is a CPA, and is FINRA Series 27 qualified (broker/dealer Financial Operations Principal - currently unsponsored.)

Hobbies and Non-work life
Greg enjoys playing guitar and song writing, boating, scuba diving, motorcycle riding, and being with family.

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