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Overland Park, KS

40 Years of Experience


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Mike has worked with over 200 small and medium sized businesses over his 39 years experience. This includes over 30 industries, from technology, to truck cranes, to paint. Chances are good that if you have a challenge, Mike has seen it.

Mike has a unique mind for seeing through challenges and issues to create and align solutions. Clients often draw on his expertise in other parts of their company to assess problems and articulate, ideas and solutions. Mike obsesses with creating value for his own work in terms of ROI -- but more importantly, he focuses his practice on creating enterprise value -- making the company worth more.

You will never have less opportunity because your company is worth more.

Mike describes his career in epochs. He begins with the 12-year CPA epoch, beginning at KPMG then Deloitte (Mike began Deloitte's Small Business Consulting Division in KC), then starting his own firm in 1989.

During the 10 year CFO epoch Mike worked for the industry leading cooperative advertising company as CFO / CEO pro-tem for 8 years before starting his own Contract CFO company, Networth Management, Inc, in 1999. His focus at the outset was the market demand for helping dot.com companies deal with the withdrawal of capital from VC's, play the entire management team for some, and create business models which should have preceded the capital commitments.

While still operating his Contract CFO company, Networth Management, Inc. Mike started a real estate development company in 2002, quickly growing it from $60,000 with bootstrap capital to net value $50M mixed use property by the end of 2007.

If life were Monopoly, in 2008 Mike drew the "Go back to Go: Do Not Collect $200" card. It was actually worse than $200, but of course, he wasn't the only one hit with the Great Recession. Mike continues to caution clients on the lessons learned in 2008 -- the ones we can control.

Mike loves to work with SMB's. "I get to work with the decision makers and risk takers, not committees and boards (with exception). Meaning I really enjoy working at the heart of the issues and helping the people who have the most at stake. I empathize with them naturally, but also through the many experiences I have been through myself." Imagine Mike's energy and creativity working for your company.

Mike Duncan

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