Peter L Eaton

Edina, MN CFO

35 Years of Experience

Peter is a trusted executive and business partner with more than 30 years of relevant experience. He is respected for his superb business skills, insight, objectivity, honesty, and integrity. By using his knowledge and experience, Peter helps mid-market companies realize the benefits and contributions of a CFO without having one on staff. His experience is in business management and leadership, demonstrated through his work with entrepreneurs, private equity firms, nonprofit organizations, and middle market companies. The sectors he has served include medical products, telecommunications, hospitality, real estate, and manufacturing, among others. Peter has assisted a variety of companies, helping private small to medium-sized firms with revenues ranging from $3 million to in excess of $1 billion, as well as public Fortune 500 companies meet their goals.

By both managing a business and serving clients, Peter learned the importance of integrating operational and financial processes to improve efficiencies, communication, and profitability. With that experience in mind, he focuses on building strong relationships with his clients at all levels within the organization to help business owners and their employees understand the key success factors, and how each person contributes to the overall success of the organization. Peter has experience in communicating and negotiating with all transaction stakeholders and their respective advisors including private equity firms, traditional funding institutions, lawyers, and accountants. He also has extensive experience in executing plans to reduce expenses and improve overall profitability.

Peter's diverse industry experience allows him to quickly analyze all aspects of the business to identify problem areas and develop solutions that work. His understanding of finance and operations allows him to develop the right financial systems to support the company's operations. He is adept at strategic business planning, the establishment of operational/financial controls, transaction structuring, systems integration, human resources, and risk management. Peter has years of expertise in developing financial forecasts that have been used to raise capital and support business plans. He also has experience dealing with companies that have run into financial challenges, identifying and then correcting ineffective business practices.

Peter’s area of expertise and skills include the following applications:

  • Developing long-range business plans, annual operating budgets, and cash flow forecasts.
  • Negotiating and closing loans and credit lines to improve cash availability and liquidity to growth.
  • Implementing comprehensive expense budgeting and sales forecasting systems.
  • Developing systems, policies, and procedures to manage inventories and increase inventory turnover.
  • Evaluating work flows to identify labor and operational savings without compromising financial results.
  • Managing working capital through improved collections and inventory management resulting in increased cash flow to fund growth.
  • Implementing and converting accounting software to improve timely operational reporting and efficiency.
  • Managing sales tax, insurance, and external financial audits for timely results and reduced expenses.
  • Training staff on operating system applications and reporting to increase marketing activity effectiveness while improving operational profitability.
  • Managing key vendor relationships such as banks, benefit providers, attorneys, accounting firms, and insurance agents.
  • Identifying opportunities to increase operating income and business growth.

Peter holds a B.A. degree in Political Science & Economics from Union College in Schenectady, New York and a MBA from the University of Notre Dame. Peter and his wife, Laura, live in Edina, MN.

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