Robert Acheson

Paradise Valley, AZ CFO

41 Years of Experience

Bob brings more than 25 years experience as the senior financial executive experience in multi-site manufacturing and distribution, plus 10 years in public accounting. His passion is working with privately-held enterprises to maximize value and meet the owner's objectives.

Bob's work experience and accomplishments include:
CFO for North America manufacturing and distribution subsidiaries ($40 million) of a international food processor headquartered in France. He worked with the previous business owner to sell the business, achieving a sales price of over 15 times EBITDA plus real estate. He was asked to continue as CFO for the new French ownership, and updated the ERP system at the New York location to integrate all North America operational and financial reporting, negotiated and updated transfer pricing agreements, and reduced DSO in accounts receivable from 90 to less than 45 days. He was a key part of the management team to review several acquisition opportunities, including the $12 million purchase of a manufacturing plant in Ecuador. He also helped prepare the North America operations for eventual sale of the entire French parent company, and completed all the detailed integration requirements of the new German owner.

As CFO for a national consumer research firm, Bob worked with the President and Board of Directors on strategic planning, updated the financial reporting system, negotiated with bank to renew lines of credit, and reduced DSO in accounts receivable to less than 45 days.

CFO for a precision machining and clean-room assembly enterprise ($200 million) with U.S. and international manufacturing operations. He was key part of executive team to divest this group from the parent company, and completed an Oracle upgrade and hired new staff to support a stand-alone company. He also served as group GM of Operations, as temporary Director of HR to set up a new HR team to serve 700 employees, and as Director of Finance and IT. He helped to complete several acquisitions, and successfully managed a new ERP rollout to replace old 'green screen' technology. Through a series of kaizen events, improved inventory accuracy to over 98%, and reduced steel remnant inventory (raw materials) by over $300,000.

VP of Finance for a software development company, specializing in activity-based costing software. Managed two placements of private equity, and successfully negotiated with Fortune 500 technology firm for additional $350,000 in growth funds with no dilution of equity.

Founding partner of a CPA firm, which is now the largest local firm in Portland, Oregon.

Bob's skills include:

  • Focus on the 'quick' monthly closing, allowing more time for finance team to deliver other value-added service to the enterprise.
  • Solid understanding of complex manufacturing costing issues (and explaining them).
  • Appreciation of both the technical requirements and the emotional strength needed by the owner and management team during merger and acquisition negotiation, due diligence, and follow-on integration.
  • Quick study on key performance indicators, and what's most relevant to the company. Can quickly 'connect the dots' from operational activity to financial results.
  • Managing the budgeting process, challenging the results, and ensuring the annual plan is appropriately 'owned' by all key managers and the business owner.
  • Appreciation of LEAN principles--he has participated in or led several LEAN projects.
  • Managing ERP projects, including defining and improving business process and related reporting.

Bob lived in Portland and Ashland, Oregon for 30 years, and got acquainted with Phoenix starting in 2004, as his company had acquired a large manufacturing plant in Tempe. He and his wife Lori have always loved the desert (perhaps driven by many years in the Oregon rain!). During his many commutes to Phoenix, he and his wife Lori decided to buy a home here, and recently moved to Phoenix to live full-time. Lori is a small animal veterinarian, and they've enjoyed horses, ducks, cats and dogs as part of their lives. They enjoy biking, hiking and home remodeling.

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Boise State University, Bachelor of Business Administration

Certificates & Licenses:

CPA (inactive)


Institute of Management Accounting, current Past President of Portland Boys & Girls Clubs 1980 - 2007 Appointed by Governor to Transportation Electrification Executive Council (state-wide electric vehicle and infrastructure) 2010 - 2012

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