Tom Matthews

Naples, FL CFO

36 Years of Experience

Tom Matthews has over 30 years of financial management and operational experience. He started his career in public accounting (as a CPA) then moved to industry. He honed his "big company" skills at the US division of Britain's largest travel tour operator. Not only was he responsible for all US financial reporting, he was also the finance liaison for development, installation and implementation of the largest computer reservations system in the United States.

While his public accounting time gave him experience in many industries, he has specialized in all aspects of real estate including property management, commercial real estate development and multi-family development, land improvement and development. He also has specialties in travel, small and medium sized manufacturing companies and retail. He has been involved in multiple M&A transactions - on the buy side and on the sell side. He will do a great job helping you navigate through the process of buying or selling a business.

Tom's best role is as a financial visionary. The role of the new CFO has expanded into operations, IT, customer service and RD while still controlling finance. This unique positioning has made Tom invaluable at the companies with which he has worked. One of his most important roles is that of investor liaison. His knowledge, understanding and confidence are very important in maintaining great relationships with both banks and equity investors. And when there are bumps in the road, Tom is on the front line keeping the investors calm. This goes a long way to solving problems in times of crises.

Some of Tom's most challenging engagements have been the source of his greatest learning. He has been brought into the challenges of business crises by investors afraid of losing their investments. Tom's finely tuned HR skills are brought to bear in these situations. On the one hand, staff at these companies usually have to be trimmed and on the other hand the remaining staff’s morale has to be kept at high levels. These are also the times in which frequent ongoing communication has to be maintained with all interested parties: vendors, bankers, suppliers and, of course, staff. It has been through this trial by fire that Tom has gained the best experiences and greatest skills.

Tom's previous work has given him the unique experience of really knowing and understanding the commercial loan officer and the loan committee to which he reports. There are many good deals that are turned down because the banker doesn't know the business and the business owner doesn't know the banker. Tom has very successfully created the bridges needed to get loans approved.

To know Tom is to like him. He and his wife (his high school sweetheart) have three children and one granddaughter. The entrepreneurial spirit demands that we work hard and we play hard. That is Tom's mantra for life. And the playing is extraordinary: scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, medical missions to South America and photographing the polar bears in the Arctic Circle. Never a dull moment. There is nothing better for Tom than sharing these experiences with family and friends. And don't be surprised when Tom and Donna invite you to their home for dinner. Both are extraordinary chefs and love to share with their friends.

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University of Illinois-Champaign/Urbana

Certificates & Licenses:

BS Accounting - 1978, IL CPA - 1978


Treasurer, Entrepreneurial Society of Naples Secretary, Naples Sunset Rotary

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