Paul Cuthbertson

Paul comes from a finance, accounting and operations background for over 30 years with domestic, multi national companies in the culinary arts, advertising, software and consumer goods. As part of an acquisition team and director of Finance for the Peter Kump Culinary School, it was his responsibility to setup operations, financial systems and layout strategy to complete growth goals. As CFO for the top ad agency Frankfurt Balkind & Partners it was positioning and targeting buy side firms. In the late nineties, Paul started his own firm focused on M&A and brokered over 40 sell side deals before accepting an offer to help establish a small baby buggy company by the name of Bugaboo in the United States. He quickly grew it to a 30% share of the domestic High End baby gear market. He also spent a year working for Bugaboo rival Maclaren before making the switch back to start-up mode with MindsInSync. All companies mentioned above had forecasting and cash challenges and it was my responsibility to monitor and solve these challenges... SEE MORE




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