How Do You Determine The Right Association

Posted on March 9, 2020 by Peter Aronstam

I received this excellent sentiment recently.  It can be applied to any business or personal relationship.   It comes from Avril N. Ball.

“Some motorcycles have a two-seated area allowing two riders on at the same time, one thing I have noticed is during a trip when the riders approach a bend, they both have to lean in the same direction to make an appropriate turn. If by any chance they lean in separate directions, it can cause a nasty accident leading to serious damages. Picking the right association is pretty much the same. Whether Friends, Colleagues, Business Partners, Executives, Board Members, Investors and more, who you decide to have on your team matters on how successful you will be at anything.

We all have goals and dreams to accomplish and having the right people around us believing what we say we see matters on how far we go. We need people who respect our vision just as they expect us to do the same for them, they respect our decisions, choices and understand the chances we take to be who we have been created to be. They respect our turns and lean in the direction we lean understanding that we all individually have been assigned a specific and different role of responsibility.

Now everyone do not have to be perfect to understand what we see, but they have to acknowledge we all walk a separate path to our ultimate destination. How we individually all get there, is dependent on how we individually see the vision that we see. Finding the right audience is finding where we fit, they will do whatever it takes to get us where we need to be because they know we would do for them the same exact thing.”

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