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Looking to improve your bottom-line? Start at the top.

What is the biggest number on your profit and loss statement? If you said “taxes” please jump to my contact details at the end of this article and give me a call! Joking aside, the biggest number should be your revenue, closely followed by your gross margin. And yet all too often when companies feel some sort of…

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Run Your Business As If You Were Selling It Tomorrow

This is a phrase repeated to me each and every time we meet by my coach. It sounds like it makes sense, right? But what does it really mean? I think fundamentally it is a statement intended to get you to think about how prepared, or unprepared, you are should there be an impending transaction in your…

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Is your sales compensation plan too complex?

10 Ways to tell if your sales compensation plan is too complicated. Little bit of fun, tinged with some reality! Your attainment curve looks more like a two or three-humped camel with a really long neck Reps need to understand quantum physics to calculate their payment It takes a team of 6 with a commission…

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