B2B CFO® Complaint Against Jim Hoggatt and His Company, ExecHQ

On April 23, 2019, B2B CFO Partners, LLC (dba B2B CFO®) and a related entity filed a lawsuit in federal court against Jim Hoggatt and his company CEO Solutions Partners LLC (which subsequently changed its name to ExecHQ LLC). Please click the link below to access a copy of the complaint filed by B2B CFO:


The complaint alleged that before and after Mr. Hoggatt left B2B CFO, he embarked on a campaign of unlawful competitive conduct designed to damage the business and intellectual property of B2B CFO. As part of this campaign, the complaint alleged that Mr. Hoggatt and the company now known as ExecHQ infringed the B2B CFO® trademark, posted false statements online, and attempted to pass off the services of B2B CFO as the services of the company now called ExecHQ. The complaint also alleged Mr. Hoggatt breached certain contractual and fiduciary duties he owed to B2B CFO.

Based on these and other allegations, B2B CFO’s complaint asserted claims against Mr. Hoggatt for trademark infringement in violation of section 32 of the federal Lanham Act, false advertising and unfair competition under section 43(a) of the federal Lanham Act, violation of the federal Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, violation of the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, common law unfair competition, breach of fiduciary duty, and breach of contract. (All but the last two claims were also asserted against the company now known as ExecHQ.) B2B CFO sought injunctive relief and damages against Mr. Hoggatt and the company now known as ExecHQ for the conduct alleged in the complaint.

Mr. Hoggatt and his company did not admit liability for the claims asserted against them by B2B CFO, but they quickly offered and then agreed to settle the lawsuit on terms that B2B CFO believe are favorable to it. The terms of the parties’ settlement, which are not confidential, included the payment of money from Mr. Hoggatt and his company to B2B CFO and (more importantly) significant non-monetary promises Mr. Hoggatt and his company agreed to perform to address the issues raised by B2B CFO in its complaint regarding Mr. Hoggatt and his company’s allegedly wrongful conduct.


B2B CFO® has maintained an historical account of the case of B2B CFO® against Kenneth (Ken) Kaufman and CFOwise. Please click the link below to read all about the case.



On October 15, 2009 B2B CFO® filed a copyright infringement / theft of trade secrets lawsuit against CFOwise and Kenneth Kaufman in order to protect our intellectual property. His public admission of guilt is shown on the following link.


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