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In everything we do, we believe in improving the lives of business owners. We believe each owner is unique and important to our society. We improve their lives by understanding their goals and removing barriers that get in their way. We have proprietary tools and processes.

B2B CFO® Office Staff

Jerry L. Mills

Founder & CEO

Andrew Freeman

Chief Operating Officer

Josh Hill

Business Development Manager

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Director of Web Development

Dale Mills

Marketing Graphic Designer

Emilee McRae

Marketing Team Coordinator

Denise Smith

Business Development

Alec Howard

Marketing Team Coordinator

Staci Bosworth

Business Development Assistant

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Executive Committee Member

John Burke

Executive Committee Member

Shane Campbell

Executive Committee Member

Phil Elworth

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Terry Eve

Executive Committee Member

Marty Mercer

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Ken Saddler

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B2B CFO® Regional Leaders

Tom Azzarelli

Arizona Regional Leader

Dave Fouts

Carolinas Regional Leader

Phil Elworth

Great Lakes Regional Leader

Marty Mercer

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Mark Nuelle

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Terry Eve

Florida Regional Leader

Steve Nevin

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Ken Knapik

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Allan Maguire

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Bob Patterson

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Hilary Dolbee

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Mike Shingleton

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Brian Christian

Upper Midwest Regional Leader

About Us

We are the Alternative

We are "the alternative" to the typical professional services on an exit or buy transition. We use unique tools, talents, and processes to help the business owner(s) through the transition. Not only are our professionals qualified, but we have published books and software to help with these transitions. We invite you to study this website to discover our unique tools, talents, and processes.

What Makes Us Unique?

We invite you to use the table below to compare us to any professional. You will discover that we not only have the tenure (in business since 1987) but the tools, talent, and processes to qualify us to be unique in our industry. You may discover this to be a significant advantage to your company and/or to someone you know.

What Makes Us Unique? More Information
Business Tenure Since 1987
National Resources We have more than 6,000 years of combined experience, which means we are experts in any industry owned by a privately held company
Seasoned Professionals Each professional in our firm is an equity owner and averages 20+ years of experience since graduation
Proprietary Book #1 The Danger Zone, 4th edition, is a highly acclaimed book to help business owners improve company cash, better utilize their valuable time and improve company efficiencies
Proprietary Book #2 The Exit Strategy Handbook, 5th edition, an award-winning book that is the best guide for a business sale, transfer or acquisition
Patented Dashboard Software Our patented B2B Exit® dashboard software, the only one of its kind in the world, gives owners a simple dashboard to control their business exit, transfer or acquisition (Patent No. 10,282,704)
Certified Training Our proprietary Certified Business Transition Expert™ training is available only to the professionals in our firm
Trusted Long-term Business Advisors Our average tenure with a client is about six (6) years
Industry Benchmark Software Our industry benchmark software, along with our thousands of years of collaborative experience, allow us to help clients understand what banks want before banks are approached and/or before key decision are made by owners
Every company, regardless of its size, needs a Chief Financial Officer® However, we provide an alternative solution. It's needed, unique and costs less
Cash. We Help You Get It® Our expertise includes improving cash flow, obtaining bank loans, helping companies grow profitably, increasing company value, planning strategically and preparing a business to sell, transfer or make an acquisition
First Direction, Then Velocity® Business owners give direction to their company. Inadvertently, barriers get in their way that slows the progress. Our proven talent, tools and processes assist owners to remove barriers. The desired result is for the owner to then increase the velocity of the direction of the company
Awards Better Business Bureau (A+); Forbes Magazine's Small Giants - Best Small Businesses in America; Inc. Magazine's Inc. 5000 award (four times); U.S. Chamber of Commerce Big Dream, Small Business of the Year; Small Business Influencer, Top 100 Companies in America; Alliance of Mergers & Acquisition Advisors® (AM&AA), etc.
A Few of our Certifications and Advanced Degrees CPA (Certified Public Accountant), CMA (Certified Management Accountant), J.D. (Juris Doctor-Law), MBA (Masters in Business Administration), MT (Masters in Taxation), CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner), etc.
Part-time CFO® We own the trademark to Part-time CFO® (Reg. No. 4,152,663), however, our services have progressed to the point that we can perform these plus Long-term Business Advisor services, Management Advisor Services, Business sale, transfer or acquisition services, etc.
Interim CFO® We own the trademark to Interim CFO® (Reg. No. 4,266,462), however, our services have progressed to the point that we can perform these plus Long-term Business Advisor services, Management Advisor Services, Business sale, transfer or acquisition services, etc.
B2B Exit® We own the trademark to B2B Exit® (Reg. No. 4,660,611). Our services include providing expertise in preparing a privately held company to sell to a third party or to transfer to family members/management utilizing our background, skills, training, proprietary software and proprietary books to help business owners to achieve the ideal sale or transfer of their company.
Business-to-Business CFO® We own the trademark Business-to-Business CFO® (Reg. No. 2,526,102). We provide business management and consulting services. We also provide long-term business advisory services, management advisory services, accounting services, business sale, transfer or acquisition services, etc. We also provide and market these same services under the trademark B2B CFO®.


B2B CFO® pioneered this industry in 1987. We create long-term, professional relationships on an affordable, as-needed basis. Our services are provided objectively by seasoned partners who average 20+ years of experience using the B2B CFO GamePlan®, our state-of-the-art process for this industry.


B2B CFO® Partners, LLC, dba B2B CFO® is an Arizona limited liability company that provides advisory and consulting services. B2B CFO® partners are independent contractors and are not officers, employees or agents of, or partners or joint ventures with, the companies they serve, nor are they independent CPAs.