FAITH…Do you need it to be successful in business these days?

Posted on March 6, 2017 by Colin Funk

Webster defines FAITH as to have “complete trust or confidence in someone or something”.

I received an urgent phone call recently from a business owner that was panicking over not getting his business line of credit renewed.  He was upset that for 100 years his family business had banked with this certain bank and now was at risk of not getting the line of credit renewed for the upcoming production season.  We spoke for a good while about what the bank expected, what was going wrong in the business, as well as how he felt about the situation.  I offered a calm and supportive ear to listen and confident options to solve his problems.  By the end of our conversation he sounded renewed and reenergized and expressed his “faith in my guidance”.  After we hung up, I spent some time thinking about the concept of faith from a business perspective.  What does it really mean?

Business demands faith not only in oneself, but also in our trusted advisors who provide the expertise, guidance, and human connection that is needed to take a business to the next level.  As a B2B CFO partner, I honor my role as a trusted advisor and realize that it is essential for my clients to have complete faith in my abilities and recommendations.

The expertise that I have to share are built on years of experience in the business world.  As boxing legend, Sugar Ray Robinson proclaimed, “To be a champ, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else well.”  This faith in self is reflected in the confidence I have to offer my skills in listening, reasoning, dreaming, and proactive problem solving to achieve my client’s desired business solutions.

As a partner in B2B CFO, I understand that in order to help business owners achieve success, they must have complete faith in me.  Together we work to address real challenges that can stifle the forward progress of their organization.  We acknowledge road blocks and champion success.    As a trusted advisor, I provide honest answers and guidance when change needs to be executed.  Business owners experience success and the concept of faith becomes more deeply rooted.  Guided by principles, optimism, and forward thinking, business owners realize that they can develop a deep faith in their trusted advisor – a B2B CFO partner.  As my client last week reminded me, the human connection and the support of a trusted advisor is priceless when we need to renew our faith in ourselves and in others.

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