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B2B CFO® offers First Direction, Then Velocity® Services.

Business owners give direction to their company. Inadvertently, barriers often get in their way that slows the progress of the direction. Our First Direction, Then Velocity® Services, which includes proven talent, tools and processes, assist owners to remove barriers. The desired result is for the owner to then increase the velocity of the direction of the company.

While not a comprehensive list, our First Direction, Then Velocity® Services focus business on the following categories:

Category First Direction, Then Velocity® Series
Exit Strategy "Begin with the End in Mind," said Dr. Stephen R. Covey in his famous book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. The foundation of our services starts with this concept. We perform this service with The Business Owner Interview™ with the goal of understanding the end. We try to understand if an owner wants to sell the business, acquire another business, transfer the business to family members, etc. This service begins our relationship with an owner so that we can assist the owner with their goals
GAP Analysis We provide owners with a GAP Analysis, which is performed to identify or discover the barriers that are in the way of an owner achieving their goals. This GAP Analysis is invaluable to owners as they attempt to move their companies forward
Buyer Types We help owners identify the ideal buyer type for their exit, such as a Strategic Buyer, Financial Buyer, Private Equity Group (PEG), Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), Management Buyout, Family Transfers, etc. The goal is then to maximize the owner's goals by identifying and creating a plan to attract the ideal buyer type
The Goal There are many goals that business owners have in the exit plan of their company. The goal may be to maximize the net cash from a transaction. The goal may be for the acquiring company to keep most of the company's employees, etc. Our services help business owners to find the bottom-line of what they want with their goals in a business transition and then to help them achieve those goals
The Next Step Owners of companies are not monolithic in their desired goals after a business transition. Our propriety survey, published in our book, The Exit Strategy Handbook, discloses that the plans after selling a business may include to buy or start a new business, retire, become a business consultant, volunteer at a charity, write a book, teach at a college or university, etc. Our services include assisting the owner to identify such goals and to work with professional wealth managers to provide vital information for future wealth earnings from the net cash from a transaction
Minority Shareholders Minority Shareholders can either become a great asset or a serious impediment to the exit strategy of business owners. Our services include helping the owner with this topic, which usually requires stringent disclosers to minority shareholders to satisfy both state and federal laws. We often consult with an owner's goal of a buy-out of minority shareholders
Other Each partner in our firm averages about 25 years of experience after graduation from a major college or university. We bring to a company the experience we learn regarding First Direction, Then Velocity® Services. We also bring a combined experience of approximately 7,000 years of experience to each client that hires a partner in our firm

Our firm was established in 1987. Each partner in our firm averages about 25 years of experience. Collectively, we have about 7,000 combined years of CFO experience.

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First Direction, Then Velocity® was awarded to our firm by the United States Patent and Trademark office on July 17, 2012 (Reg. No.4,216,280).

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