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Can You See The Future?

Can You See The Future? If you own a business, this can be a challenging task. The economy, the stock market, the changing political landscape, China, oil prices, taxes, Obamacare, new technology, the success or failure of your customers…there are a lot of things that could happen, many of them out of your control.   And…

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U.S. Chamber of Commerce Names B2B CFO® among Nation’s Top 100 Small Businesses

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Names B2B CFO® among Nation’s Top 100 Small Businesses at the 2015 Small Business Summit B2B CFO®’s Founder Jerry L. Mills brings top concerns of Small Business Owners and discusses Free Enterprise with members of Congress and Press B2B CFO®, the nation’s largest CFO and Exit Strategies firm for growth-oriented, privately…

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I was with a client recently who was bemoaning the fact that his sales and marketing team was letting him down. It seems that the only new business coming into the firm was business that he himself brought in.  So I asked him how the latest lead came in, he said that he was in…

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I have recently been re-reading the book by Simon Sinek; Start with WHY.  If you have not read this book or viewed his TED video it is well worth your time.  I have taken it upon myself to write out my own WHY statement. Specifically, WHY I help the owners of private companies create value…

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Growing Your Business

When I mention the word Time Management, what comes to mind?  If you are like most people I know you think of boring, tedious and hard to stick with processes.  Now, let me ask you another question, do you spend most of your time in reactive or a proactive mode?  Which do you believe would…

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Has Your Cheese Been Moved?

I recently re-read the book Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson which is an interesting story about change.  Cheese in the story represents whatever you hold dear and thus if something changes then your cheese has been moved.  It could be your business, your family, a spiritual journey or a hobby.  The story depicts…

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Leadership and Management

There are many drivers that go into creating value for your business.  If you are looking to sell your business at some point in time, you need to view the business through the lens that a buyer would see it.  When you do this you look to remove all the risk from the business.  The…

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Why I Do Exit Planning

My father owned a small service business when I was growing up. I remember going out on service calls with him on weekends and holidays and was so impressed with the way he interacted with his customers and the way he cared about what he was doing.  Unfortunately he was not surrounded with good advisors…

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What Any Business Can Learn From the Detroit Bankruptcy

The following 4 points were blogged by July 27, 2013 by Curt Mercadante.  I have taken Curt’s very succinct points and added a few thoughts for my contacts and clients. 1) Just because things are great today, doesn’t mean they’ll be good tomorrow. Curt stated that cities such as Detroit, and states across the country, were flush…

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Marketing 101

As a certified coach with B2B CFO® I have the privilege of working with new partners.  I tell each partner I coach that even though they have joined a firm that will help them become a success; they are still starting up their own business.  I ask them, if you were advising a startup client,…

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