What other professionals say about Peggy

The following is a testimonial for Peggy Head, one of the finest financial professionals it has been my privilege to know.

It was my good fortune to work with Peggy Head at two different companies over the course of a decade. She has an unmatched ability to learn the intricacies of a business and its financial drivers.

When we joined them as executives, both companies had overly complex finance and accounting structures that created ineffectual and often confusing operational reporting.

Peggy, through force of will, restructured and retrained the personnel, researched and studied countless data sources to discern the source of accuracy, and completely revamped the reporting of operational and financial metrics. She created financial integrity of data and reporting out of chaos.

Our owners, banks and auditors constantly sang her praises, and as President and Chief Operating Officer, I was most thankful.

Had I needed a senior financial executive in my last organization, Peggy would have been the first person I would have called. She is an absolute rock star!!!!

Robert L. Burgess
Retired President & CEO
St. Elizabeth Hospital

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