The Gap Diagnostic Analysis™

My core values are honesty, integrity and objectivity. One of the ways I demonstrate objectivity is to provide complimentary time to owners of privately held companies. Objectivity is an important value for me and I gladly offer this time to serve, with no strings attached.

Benefits to Business Owners FAQ

There are several benefits to business owners of The Gap Diagnostic Analysis™.

  1. It’s complimentary.
  2. It’s confidential.
  3. The time commitment from the owner is about one hour.
  4. Owners receive a copy of our “industry benchmark report.” (Depending upon a company’s industry, this report often compares key benchmark information against hundreds of other companies in the same SIC/NAICS Code with a similar sales volume.)
  5. A written report of the “key findings” learned during The Gap Diagnostic Analysis™. (A key finding is the most important, critical, significant or vital finding.)
  6. The owner will finally see graphs and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that a bank creates if the company applies for a bank loan.
  7. The owner will know more about the company in about 7-8 days than the owner knew the day our process began.
  8. The owner will receive professional information that may help with their desire to beat the company’s competitors.
  9. It’s performed by a partner in our firm, each averages 20+ years of experience since graduation from a college or university.

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