The Danger Zone

The Danger Zone
Lost in the Growth Transition

When cash needs outweigh available cash, companies are in jeopardy. The Danger Zone was written expressly for those business owners who need to turn around their business. Owners then can get their companies on the path to growth. Click and find out how to climb out of The Danger Zone.


Avoiding the Danger Zone

Is your business headed for The Danger Zone? Is trouble lurking around the corner? Don't get trapped by the numerous business illusions. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls so your business can grow. Avoiding the Danger Zone puts you one step ahead so you know if and when your business is headed for trouble. Learn about exit expectations here so you can get the most out of your business.

The Exit Strategy Handbook

The BEST Guide for Selling Your Business will enable you to stand out as you exit your business. With millions of business owners lookding for a way out over the next few years as we head for the Baby Boomer Tsunami™, make sure you stand out from the competition. The Exit Strategy Handbook is your guide for the best possible exit.


B2B Exit® Software

B2B Exit® Software walks you through every step of the exit process. As we head for an unprecedented Baby Boomer Tsunami™, you can be ahead of the game with a strategy that includes exit software to get you through the process so you can stand out among the competition. To use the software you need to first contact a B2B CFO® partner.

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