Tatum™ vs. B2B CFO®

We do not view Tatum™ as a competitor to our firm, even though many people in the country consider us to be competitors.

There are significant differences between B2B CFO® and Tatum™. The following may be useful as a tool for you to understand and validate any differences.

B2B CFO®   Tatum™
Criteria B2B CFO® Tatum™
Primarily serves privately-held companies Yes Ask Tatum™
Competes in the same market No Ask Tatum™
Has proprietary exit strategy software Yes Ask Tatum™
Has proprietary exit strategy book Yes Ask Tatum™
CFOs are equity members of the company Yes Ask Tatum™
Certification course for exit strategy training Yes Ask Tatum™
Short-term Interim CFOs No Ask Tatum™
Employees of a foreign-owned staffing company No Ask Tatum™
Trusted long-term business advisors Yes Ask Tatum™