Interview with Hyperion Bank- Atlanta – Strategic Relationships Greatly Impact Businesses

Posted on April 12, 2023 by Art Bottoms

It was a great experience to speak with the Bankers of Atlanta-based, Hyperion Bank.  Great interview.  See below for the full interview.


Charlie (Crawford) and Amy (Ellis) are great, and work well with our client base,” says Art Bottoms, a Certified B2B EXIT® Advisor who is a Partner with B2B CFO®. “I’ve had a great experience with the bank.”

And Bottoms knows of what he speaks, having worked with a lot of banks, as a CFO for over 30 years and now with B2B CFO®, a strategic business advisor for privately held companies, usually in the range of $5-200 million in revenue. He and his team – and B2B CFO® advisors across the country – provide strategic input for companies through all phases of development from those doing a capital raise or needing bank loans (thus the intersection with Hyperion Bank) to rapid growth, exit strategies and more.

“We also work with some privately held smaller companies that are growing rapidly,” he says, noting that he typically assists 10-12 companies at a time. “In general, a good client match for us is a company that is growing rapidly and needs strategic direction, particularly on a financial level.”

Bottoms says he initially connected with Hyperion when a client was looking for a line of credit. “Somebody referred Charlie to me,” he says. “They were awesome; a lot of our clients love the bank.”

He continues, “It used to be bankers were your partners in the launch and development of a business, and Hyperion is like that, building relationships rather than just sales. I’ve had a great experience with the bank and some of my clients have become or are in the process of becoming Hyperion customers.”

B2B CFO® understands investing in relationships. “What makes us a little different,” Bottoms says, “is that we provide a gap diagnostic analysis and a strategy session when we work with a prospect, so even if they don’t engage with us, they’ll have a roadmap to fixing some key issues. Plus, all of our partners are (former) CFOs, so our clients know they are working with people with that level experience – all with thousands of years of experience among us.”

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