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Success Is a Daily Pursuit

Whenever I have had the pleasure of speaking to successful people, no matter how you define success, I almost invariably come away with the following realization: Success is a daily journey with two vital core tenets: Goal Clarity, and Persistence Two perfect examples immediately come to mind.  One from several years ago and one from just…

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Are You Happy With Your Company’s Financial Performance

It’s a leading question, I know.  You may be, and you probably have good reason to feel that way.  After all, at this time of year: You have reviewed your previous year end internal financial statements and compared them to the industry averages available from your trade association and you look “ok”.  Maybe not stellar, but not bad in…

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Lemonade Anyone

My thoughts on credit markets, sage philosophy and serendipitous financial solutions- not necessarily in this order Recently, during a visit with a prospective client, we were in the middle of a very productive conversation regarding the state of his business and I asked him what I thought was a very good question:  “What about your business…

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Corporate Renewal The B2B CFO Way

To some the topic of this article is referred to as a “turnaround”.  I have been fortunate to have been involved in several of these situations both with clients as a Partner with B2B CFO® and at other points in my career. I prefer “corporate renewal” because it embodies much more than merely getting the financial results of…

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Have You Hired The Right Bank

Recently I was visiting with a very good commercial lending officer.  We were discussing the current economic climate and the trends we both have witnessed lately with respect to commercial and Industrial (C&I) lending. He made an off-hand comment that I probably did not adequately appreciate at the time, but upon reflection it hit me like…

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Observations From A B2B CFO

What would INCREASED PROFITS and larger CASH balances mean to your business or that of someone you know? I can help you achieve these for you or someone you know! As a Partner with B2B CFO, the USAs largest CFO services firm focusing on entrepreneurial, growth oriented and middle market companies, I support every facet of each of my clients operations,…

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Middle Market Waste, Inefficiency & Excess Cost

In today’s economy, reducing administrative overhead costs to their bare minimum can literally mean the difference between success and failure for middle market companies.  In an environment when top line revenue is, at best unpredictable, it makes perfect sense to lower the break-even revenue point of the company as much as possible. One of the…

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A Rewarding Engagement

I was engaged by the business owners in June/2010.  In the 18 months prior to my engagement, their experience was marked by the following: The company ran net operating losses in 15 of the preceding 18 months. Most of these months, the company suffered negative cash flow. The owners personally injected over $500,000 into it to keep operating. The accumulated…

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