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Each Business Owner is Unique

Our firm believes each owner of a privately held business is unique.  This affirmation is found on our website and at the bottom of my monthly newsletters.  I have come to understand this uniqueness from a much deeper level in my years of working with this firm in having the privilege to serve business leaders…

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When Employees Are Invested

The Value of Attention | When Employees are Invested

A recent article in CGMA Magazine focused on the growing emphasis that owners of companies should share information with their employees.  It appears that those companies that share information are achieving better financial results and growing the values of their business.  In providing evidence for this advice, the article showed how employee-owned companies performed better. …

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Danger Zone

Success Can Be Dangerous

Every company and its people desire to be successful.  The definition of success for each company varies depending upon the company’s leaders and their goals.  When those goals are met through hard work and strenuous effort coupled with a team working together to overcome inevitable obstacles, it is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment that is…

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Good habits, effective individuals

Effective Business Habits

As the saying goes, we are all creatures of habit.  This is a very serious thought to contemplate when we consider that the effectiveness of our lives are the results of our habits.  To be effective, we must develop good habits.  Brian Tracy has said, “As it happens, everyone has habits.  Unfortunately, many of these…

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Good or Bad Growth

Growth- Succeed or Fail

I believe that many of us can agree that staying the same, remaining stagnant, not having a strong desire to improve, both as companies and individuals, is not a desirable situation.  Complacency can and will kill a company long before they even realize it is happening.  I was reminded of this while recently listening to…

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Cutting costs

Four Opportunities to Reduce Expenses

The decision to reduce or eliminate expenses for a company leader is never easy nor pleasant.  There are many reasons.  One, reducing expenses forces a decision and an important decision requires analysis which requires time for thought.  Particularly in a growing business, time is precious.  In this fight for time and attention, deep thought often…

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Prepare for Inflection Points

Baseball season has started.  There is always excitement in the air on opening day as each team begins their long 162 game season with the goal of making the playoffs in the fall, and eventually winning the World Series.  The Chicago Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908, but this is the year…

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Not Selling? Three Things You Need to Always Do

The statistics and trends indicate that during the next several years an unprecedented number of companies will enter the market to sell.  This phenomenon is anticipated as a result of  Baby Boomer owned companies, and we have well documented these statistics in our book, The Exit Strategy Handbook.  In that book,  we state that the…

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How Large is your Gap?

One of my main goals as I work with my clients is to assist them in having positive cash flow and becoming cash rich.  Companies that are cash rich are prepared for virtually all unexpected crises and strong economic downturns.  Make no mistake, there are continual cycles in the economy and the next severe downturn…

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A Quality Found in Winners

David Crockett was visiting New York.  On his visit to City Hall he was introduced to the mayor of the city and was told that he had been a tanner.  Concerning this Crockett wrote, “that pleased me; for I thought both him and me had clumb up a long way from where we had started: …

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