Why I Do What I Do?

Posted on May 13, 2014 by John Blackstock

We recently held our annual B2B CFO® partners’ meeting.  As always, it was very informative and beneficial.  The experiences and training cannot be found anywhere else.  The unity and passion for our clients is unequaled.

In that regard, we have a newly updated website and on the home page is the video “Does Our Why Benefit You?” which explains WHY we as B2B CFO® exist.  Please check it out.  www.b2bcfo.com

In Simon Sinek’s TED Talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action he talks about how the most successful people and companies understand the core values and beliefs that inspire and drive them.  And, that people hire you not because of what you do, but because of why you do it.  Which explains our B2B CFO® Why Video; “Does Our Why Benefit You?”  We truly are passionate about why we do what we do!

So, what’s my story?  My passion for helping companies grow and prosper goes back to the early 80’s while being employed in public accounting, working for CPA firms.  I got a lot of experience with auditing the books of companies, after-the-fact financial statement preparation, and preparing income tax returns.  But what I realized was that most of what I did for clients was compliance work.  Complying with the requirements of 3rd party demands.  Audits and financial statement preparation was most often required by banks or investors and income tax returns are required by governmental agencies.  But, none of these services directly help companies grow or prosper.  In addition, CPA firms are required to maintain their independence from their clients when performing certain types of services.  Therefore, after five years, I no longer wanted to remain in public accounting.  I wanted to work in industry as a Controller/CFO, for one company, so that I could get personally involved with all that goes into making it not just succeed but excel.  I wanted to participate in whatever was necessary to aid in the growth and prosperity of the company and all of its stakeholders.  So I made the transition, found my passion, and I have learned a lot.

Subsequently, in 2004, I became a partner in B2B CFO® as I had then come to realize that there was a great need for CFO services in small and mid-market companies who could not afford a full-time CFO.  B2B CFO® provides me with even more tools and resources to do what I enjoy most; helping companies and improving the lives of their owners!

Yes, I can help with timely and accurate financial statements, gross profit optimization, cash flow projections, strategic planning, expense reduction, etc. That is the “What”.  The “WHY”?  Everything I do is for the success of my clients.  I work so that their companies can excel; grow successfully, surpass their competition, increase in value, and be great providers to their customers, employees, and communities.  I want the owners to be successful, have more free time, and greater personal wealth.  That’s why I am a B2B CFO®.  Would you like me to help you excel?  Give me a call and I will show you how.


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