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I had the pleasure of working with Kevin for nearly 30 years! Kevin’s role as Vice-President of Finance/CFO in renal-related fields showcased his leadership and great knowledge in the area of finance over outpatient and in-patient dialysis operations, as well as in Nephrology, Internal Medicine and Vascular Access physician practice operations.

Kevin was always focused on a “growth-mode” philosophy and he was an expert in encouraging growth with management that reported to him. Besides Kevin’s vast knowledge in finance (including all aspects of accounting and revenue cycle), Kevin has a unique gift of working well with all levels of staff.

I came out of retirement briefly to work with Kevin at NANI.  I would work with Kevin again anytime if an opportunity arises.

Aaron Seret
Former Revenue Cycle Manager

I worked with Kevin for 28 years, first at Neomedica, then at Fresenius, followed by Next Level Investments and, lastly, at Associates in Nephrology.  He was the brain of the organization while I climbed the career ladder.

Kevin is truly a multidisciplinary leader as he oversaw many aspects of operations including accounting, human resources, IT, clinical and legal matters.  When facing problems, he can identify key issues and quickly focus on the actionable solution. I have been impressed by one of his strengths that he could summarize and provide minutes or notes right after any meeting is concluded.

I often heard Kevin basically rescued Neomedica from bankruptcy before I joined the company after completing my MBA from Northwestern.  I know during the course of the next 5 years, Neomedica expanded from 12 to 25 dialysis centers under Kevin’s leadership. As a result, Neomedica was sold to Fresenius at a premium in 1997.

We continued to work together until 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic pushed many healthcare providers, including AIN, into a crisis and they made poor decisions in a panic.  I would love to work with Kevin again in the foreseeable future, and I highly recommend his service in any capacity.

Arnold Liao
MBA-Director of IT

I have had the honor of knowing Kevin since May 1989. I had been hired as a supervisor at a large dialysis company (Neomedica) which was owned by a group of Nephrologists. Kevin was the CFO and I reported to him indirectly for 4 years and then directly for 20+ years. I had been promoted to Director in 1994 and worked closely with Kevin.

During this time, the company had a huge growth spurt and Kevin was paramount in this growth. The number of physicians grew from 8 to over 35 and the dialysis company was sold to the largest dialysis company in the world. This was nearly a $100 million sale and Kevin spearheaded the entire financial negotiation. The sale was eventually completed and the owners as well as the employees were very satisfied with the outcome.

Kevin is a brilliant man with his knowledge of finance and many referred to him as the “human calculator”.  His thoughts are always logical and if anyone needed help in understanding, he willingly took time to explain the financial situation to those without a financial background.

Kevin was easy to work with using his calm demeanor in discussing very complicated issues. He negotiated physician salaries, benefits and also contracts with insurance companies. I often attended these sessions with insurance providers and was amazed at Kevin’s expertise.

Together, we worked with laboratories, primary care and vascular centers and eventually grew the physician practice from 3 offices to over 22 offices.  Another risky but brilliant move by Kevin was to open outpatient surgery clinics so patients did not need to visit a hospital.  This stimulated growth and profit and improved patient satisfaction.

Kevin gained the respect of the physicians with his knowledge and hard work. The company continued to grow at a rapid pace and was very profitable.

Due to Kevin’s manner of overseeing all aspects of the company, employees respected him and with the small perks he provided on occasion, the turnover of staff was exceptionally low.  Kevin always stopped to talk to all employees from the file clerks to the senior managers. His quick wit and sense of humor kept the company a happy place to work.  Amazingly people could talk to him about a multiplicity of topics ranging from medical to sports and every subject in between.

In summary, Kevin Flynn was the best leader I ever worked with because of his knowledge, his humor, his integrity, his hard work and his ability to teach others.

When I began reporting to him, I would occasionally go to him for help on a project. He would always say “what do YOU think?”  I went back to my office in an irritable mood and after a few times I realized he was getting me to think for myself on difficult matters. Finally, I would think of 2 or 3 solutions and present them to him and he would help me decide. Kevin is a true leader and a person with quickness of mind like I had never encountered.

I am now retired but every day I find Kevin’s wisdom in my daily life. I can’t say he is a workaholic because he is a rare man who loves to work, loves to be with people and is the best problem solver you will ever be lucky enough to meet.

Sharon Rynn
Former Revenue Cycle Director

We met back when Kevin was with Associates in Nephrology and I was with DaVita – somewhere around 2008-2009. Our interactions were brief at the time, as I was not your primary DaVita contact.  We worked together since Kevin joined NANI in 2020, albeit primarily by phone, as I reside in Orlando, Florida. However, we also saw each other at various company events and industry conferences we attended.

I found Kevin to be a great resource on several projects we worked on together. Also, I always valued his input as Revenue Cycle reported to Kevin and I often gained clients for Tower Physician Solutions requiring revenue cycle services.

I found Kevin extremely talented at looking through raw financial data and deciphering a refined picture of what occurred within an organization. He is very comfortable and talented in the financial “world of things”.

Kevin jumped right in as we were integrating our value-based care vendor into our company processes, and more recently we worked together providing consulting services for a client based in Texas. We had great success and fun in the process!

I would absolutely work with Kevin again. I enjoyed running thoughts and ideas by him and hearing feedback. I considered it most valuable.

I really miss working together with Kevin, as I now have a void where I was used to having a valuable resource and great friendship. The friendship will always be there, of course.

Antone Crasto
Vice President Business Development

I would like to thank you for supporting me in my role as a Regional Vice-President (RVP) at Fresenius.  It has been a pleasure working with you and the AIN physicians.

I always admired your strategic thinking especially when you all built the Neomedica empire. I hope we will be able to work together again.

Regional Vice-President
Regional Vice-President
Fresenius Medical Care NA

I have known Kevin Flynn for more than eight years; we worked together in two different medical practices.  When I started working with Kevin, I was in revenue cycle management,

Kevin has a deep knowledge of the intricacies of RCM and what it takes to achieve success.  During the time we worked together, Kevin expanded the medical practice in size and geographically.  He was instrumental in adding new dialysis units and converting an office based surgical suite to an ambulatory surgical center.  These achievements demonstrate Kevin’s regulatory knowledge and expertise.

Because of Kevin’s commitment to growth and his encouragement, the focus in medical practices has shifted to value-based care programs and insurance contracts.  Under his leadership the practices were able to succeed in new and innovative payment models.

Kevin has always been able to focus on the end goal while maintaining a firm grasp of the details and what will be necessary to achieve success.  I have never left a conversation with Kevin without learning something new, I look forward to working with him again sometime in the future.

K. Karstrand
Revenue cycle Manager

I have known and worked closely with Kevin for over two years in our executive leadership roles at NANI.  We worked well together because, despite coming from different backgrounds of finance for Kevin and law for myself, our perspectives on business, people management and negotiation were both aligned and complimentary.  This synergy created a powerful and effective leaders hip dynamic at NANI.

Together, we successfully negotiated the business model chaining value-based care contracts with Strive Health, including a tax-advantaged structure.  We also succeeded in negotiating an electronic health record and billing system agreement with Acumen Epic as well as working closely on numerous other contracts, external business relationships and internal organizational structures and work flows.

We thanked each other frequently for  “coming to work today” before we turned off the lights after another long day of work.  Our work ethic, our principle-based business perspective, and our love of life all contributed to our strong working relationship and our many successes together.

I would welcome the opportunity to work with Kevin in the future.  There is no doubt in my mind that we would succeed in any combined effort in the future just as we have done over the past two years while at NANI. 2+2=5 in our relationship!

Tara Kamradt
Former Chief Legal Officer

Kevin and I worked together at NANI for 2 years (2020-2022). Kevin was my supervisor / manager, as the Vice President of Finance and Strategy and I was Director of Research, although I always viewed Kevin as more like the Chief Financial Officer of NANI.

We met weekly for an hour, and this meeting was my primary interaction with Kevin. During this time, I always appreciated his ability to tease out what was most important in research that given week with pointed questions about what and how things were going. These questions really made me think about strategy and how I can better do something or who I needed to reach out to in order to move a project forward or operationally make progress. They were questions that I would not have necessarily thought of and were always helpful in keeping me on track and making progress.

One of Kevin’s strengths was his ability to keep track of what was going on in research every week when we met, even though this was only one slice of his busy role, supporting me. Kevin also is very good at finance related operations as he developed a financial plan and forecast for research that was extremely accurate.

We built a strategic and financial framework for NANI Research. We built a strong team and a portfolio of studies.

Yes, I would work together with Kevin again, I enjoyed working with him very much. He was always extremely supportive, professional and I trusted his intuition and advice.

Nancy Cipparone
Director of Research

I have known Kevin for 15 years.  We worked together for 12 years at Associates in Nephrology. My role at the company was Revenue Cycle Reporting Analyst. Kevin’s role was Vice President of Finance/CFO. I also worked for Kevin at NANI for one year after I left AIN.  I recently have retained to AIN as Manager of Revenue Cycle.

Kevin is good negotiator. He prepares thoroughly by researching the subject matter, understanding the other party’s perspectives, and anticipating potential obstacles. Kevin is patient and persistent in pursing his goals, but he also knows when to compromise to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Kevin can analyze a problem, break it down into its component parts, and identify the root cause. He pays close attention to details and ensures that all aspects of the problem are addressed. Kevin has a curious mindset and is constantly seeking to learn and improve his problem-solving skills.  Kevin selects the best option and develops a detailed plan that outlines the specific actions, timelines, and resources needed to achieve the desired outcome.

Kevin has strong work ethic and is dedicated to his job. He is an effective communicator; has strong attention to detail. he is adaptable; flexible; and, open-minded and can adjust to new situations. Kevin is a good leader who motivates and guides others towards meeting goals. He delegates tasks, provides feedback, and resolves conflicts effectively.

I had a healthy working relationship with Kevin. He was pleasant to me and always treated me and others with respect.  Kevin has been a great leader and a mentor to me.   I would absolutely work with Kevin again.

Gabe Sanchez
Manager of Revenue Cycle

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