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Chapter 6 of The Exit Strategy Handbook


The Exit Strategy Dashboard gives owners complete control over the exit process.


Prepare a Business to Sell

We are experts in helping privately held companies prepare to be sold. We have the people, training, books, patented software and skills for these services. We are unique.

Preparation is the key to success in selling a business.

“A well-prepared business gets more offers, and usually better offers, than does a less-prepared one. A well-prepared business also advances the sale more quickly.

Chances are your business can be improved in ways that enhance a buyer’s confidence. The more comfort and trust the buyer has in you and your business, the fewer opportunities a buyer has to question various aspects of the business and negotiate a lower price.” (The Exit Strategy Handbook, p. 69.)

Most business owners think that the process of selling a business is mostly about giving a possible buyer financial statements and tax returns. It might surprise some to know there are many other things buyers wants to know before purchasing a business. Our process is designed to help business owners be prepared in 18 different categories.

  1. General Information
  2. Management and Employees
  3. Product and Service Lines
  4. Competition
  5. Customer Information
  6. Key Vendors and Service Providers
  7. Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets
  8. Technology, Software and Hardware
  9. Branding, Marketing and Public Relations
  10. Related Parties and Minority Shareholders
  11. Insurance
  12. Internal Financial Information
  13. Inventory
  14. External Financial Statements
  15. Contracts and Leases
  16. Litigation and Claims
  17. Taxes
  18. Environmental
New Software-&-Books

We are not FINRA (SEC) regulated Investment Bankers or an M&A firm. We are not business brokers.

We do, however, advise our clients to engage with FINRA regulated Investment Bankers or M&A firms to help find prospective buyers and to close transactions.


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