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We purchased Dane Manufacturing in 2001 with the intent on improving and growing an 85 year old metal manufacturing company. After about $5MM of invested capital, grow it we did. Dane grew at 35-plus percent per year for five years in a row. In 2005 it became very clear we had outgrown our accounting firm and their business model wasn’t working any longer. We searched for an alternative and found Rick Perrin from B2B CFO®.

Rick came in and I hired him after our first meeting to start working with Dane. Since coming, he has formalized our financial reporting, job costing, improved the treatment of inventory and tightened up reporting and financial management. Now due to Rick and my management team’s efforts we finish a financial period (every 4 weeks) and I have the complete financials on my desk I can trust the following Monday by noon.

We send financials to the bank the following day. Rick has also helped refinance the company’s assets and helped Dane with its first acquisition of a complimentary business. The B2B CFO® model is fantastic for a company our size that needs the talents of a CFO sometimes and can’t yet afford one full-time.

I would strongly recommend the model for any company between the size of $2 – $75MM without a full-time CFO or any owner that wants a second set of eyes on their current financial team. It is a great model and superb help to small business in America – brilliant model – fractional ownership of a CFO’s talents.

Lastly in 2007 Dane was recognized as an Inc. 5000 company (fastest growing, privately held, companies in America) with a rank of 2,015 (178% growth in 3 years) out of 5,000 and recently informed we will be an Inc. 5000 company again in 2008. This could not have happened at Dane without Rick Perrin’s talents and the B2B CFO® business model.


Troy F. Berg, President/Owner Dane Manufacturing  www.danemfg.com

Dane Manufacturing
Owner - CEO
Dane Manufacturing Company

To All Concerned:I highly recommend Mr. Rick Perrin as a qualified, experienced B2B CFO. Rick is currently consulting with our company as a B2B CFO. Rick was, and is, responsible for modifying, streamlining and refining all our internal company; accounting, costing, and financial activities.Rick has excellent communication skills. In addition, he is extremely organized, reliable and very computer literate. Rick can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job(s) gets done. He is flexible and willing to work on any project that is assigned within the scope of what could be expected of a CFO. Rick was quick to volunteer to assist in other areas of any of our company operations, as well.Rick would be a tremendous asset for your company and has my highest recommendation. If you have any further questions with regard to his performance or dedication for improving accounting or finance requirements, please do not hesitate to call me.

Mike Glines
President & CEO

Rick has assisted Wind River with developing a crucial pricing model. This new model will allow us to reach our profitability goals while not diluting our return by bringing in business we really can’t afford.

Mark Courchane

Rick is a god-send. Chamberlain gets a top notch CFO at less than full time who has helped us analyze and understand our profitability drivers and helped us implement changes to increase our bottom line. He also brought our monthly accounting processes in-house and trained our accountant. He continues to act as a trusted advisor to the company. When we need Rick, he is there and when we don’t, he isn’t. We’re happy to pay for the great advice he gives.

Chamberlain Research Consultants – Madison Wisconsin

We have dealt with Rick Perrin for about three years now. During that time his advice and guidance has proven to be extremely thoughtful, professional and conscientious. Rick understands on a fundamental basis how to make money, which is not always the case with financial professionals. He transcends the theory and knows how to operationally create value in the real world. For accounting and operations process improvement, strategic planning and general business scenarios, Rick is highly recommended.

Gary LaCourt

Two years ago our organization had a 60% growth in revenues. Rick helped us manage this sizable financial transition through customizing our budgeting and reporting platforms. His expertise helped us to streamline our financial management procedures and allow us to focus on what we do best: providing a continuum of services to adults who care for Wisconsin’s youngest children.

Wisconsin Early Childhood Association

Rick has been tireless in assisting us with many advancements in our internal financial processes. We greatly appreciate his competence and professionalism. We are better for it.

Richard E. Dohm

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