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Business Owners’ Road Map to Navigating Post COVID-19 Recovery

Nearly every business across the country is affected by the COVID-19 shutdown. Now that many parts of the U.S. are starting to slowly re-open, you may find that you need to quickly and smartly pivot and rethink your business operations, customer service process, and how to generate revenue. If you’re gearing up to reopen, there…

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What’s Right for Your Business: 5 Strategies To Boost It

In these unprecedented times, all businesses will be facing issues they have never encountered before. Companies find themselves operating in the shadow of potential bankruptcies and significant loss of customers and employees.  However, even before the pandemic disrupted the business world, many companies have considered as they evolve, what is the right structure for their business? …

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Free Cash Flow Advice Sessions From America’s Top CFOs

B2B CFO unveils plan to support privately held businesses during coronavirus pandemic with free cash flow advice sessions and strategic best practices. As business owners grapple with the new reality of a COVID-19 crisis-stricken economy, B2B CFO, a national firm dedicated to providing management advisory services to privately held companies, is stepping up to fill a…

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Be a VISIONARY in a Season of Uncertainty

There’s no playbook for solving today’s crisis. However, there is a game plan for how business owners can adjust their business strategy quickly. Organizations who take strategic action and are dynamic in how they mitigate threats and seize opportunities will be the difference between surviving or thriving. This is a defining moment for business owners.…

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Coronavirus Impacts: 5 Steps To Protect Your Business & Employees

As many have feared, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has now arrived in the United States with a vengeance. As business owners, we are stronger than this virus, but all these circumstances and yet the unforeseen future consequences beg the question: is the company that you run or own prepared for a sudden catastrophe? As a B2B…

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How To Price Your Products?

Avoid these common mistakes that can hurt your profits! In order to stay competitive and profitable, companies must continuously ensure their pricing structure communicates their value proposition. Chances are, most of your customers aren’t price-sensitive as much as they are value-conscious. With the right pricing strategy, you can impact the company’s bottom line and its…

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Keep Your Revenue Flowing Smoothly

Challenges & Solutions for Recurring Revenue Business Models It’s the start of the new year—a time for implementing the strategies and action plans that will make 2020 your best year.  But unfortunately, many business owners get into the illusion that more sales means more cash, or cash might be flowing, but not in the right direction.…

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Someone Wants to Buy My Business! Now What?

Avoid Seller’s Remorse If someone makes an offer for your business, it can be an exciting time—but caution is key. Selling a business can be one of the most challenging tasks a business owner will face. Before engaging in discussions with buyers, you need to ensure you are truly ready to sell, otherwise you may…

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5 Financial Models Every Business Owner Should Use

Successful business owners know the value of using financial modeling to guide sound decision-making and forecast future outcomes. Financial models are used to project the performance of a company, evaluate business and financial investments, and help uncover and avoid potential risks.  Below is a list of some key financial models that can bring powerful insights,…

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8 Strategies to Propel Your Business Growth Plans

Several recent surveys show that business owners expect the revenue of their business to improve over the next year. And another 60% also believe the current economic climate is having a positive impact on their business. This is all good news—especially for the business owner who is always thinking about how to increase their earnings…

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