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Cash Flow Strategies Business Owners Need With B2B CFO®

CEO and Founder of B2B CFO®, Jerry L. Mills stops by to share cash flow strategies business owners need! July 14, 2020.

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B2B CFO’s Record Growth Surpasses 200 Partners

PHOENIX—November 1, 2011 – (BUSINESS WIRE)–B2B CFO’s record growth is pushing the firm to become the world’s largest CFO services company with more than 200 Partners across 39 states and more than 800 clients across North America. B2B CFO surpassed the 200 Partner mark in September of 2011. Corresponding with the pace of the growth,…

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B2B CFO Featured In WSJ’s Complete Small Business Guidebook

B2B CFO, the only CFO services firm featured in the book, quoted in Chapter 9 “Handling Your Company’s Finances” Phoenix, Ariz. (BUSINESS WIRE) DATE—The Wall Street Journal’s Complete Small Business Guidebook, published on Dec. 29th 2009 by Random House is quickly climbing the charts of most popular reads. B2B CFO, the nation’s largest CFO firm…

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Top 25 Fastest Growing Companies

B2B CFO RANKS AMONG THE TOP 25 ARIZONA’S FASTEST GROWING PRIVATE COMPANIES High Growth Earns B2B CFO Spot in the 2010 Arizona Corporate Excellence Awards Phoenix, Ariz. September 20, 2010 — B2B CFO, nation’s largest provider of CFO services to emerging and mid-size businesses was honored in the ACE, Arizona Corporate Excellence Awards for its…

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B2B CFO Named In Inc. 5000 List

B2B CFO NAMED INC. 500|5000 LIST 184% Growth Earns B2B CFO Spot in the 2010 List of Fastest Growing Companies in America Phoenix, Ariz. August 24, 2010 — B2B CFO, nation’s largest provider of CFO services to small businesses, has been named to the prestigious Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America. Now…

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Think Like A Buyer To Exit Profitably

By Jerry L. Mills STRATEGIES August 2007 Benjamin Franklin is credited with the adage, “In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.” That statement is as true today as it was when he wrote it more than 200 years ago. We can add another truism for today’s business owners: You will exit your…

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Consulting Age Discrimination

The following was an article that I wrote that was published in the FENG newsletter on August 12, 2009. I do not know if you realize this or not, but Matt Bud, in his August 6, 2009 editorial, gave some of the wisest counsel to professionals that I have ever witnessed. He said, “Friends, it…

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Lessons Learned From Plagiarisms Of Our Website

PHOENIX (Nov. 12, 2009) – Some believe that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but Phoenix based entrepreneur and business expert Jerry L. Mills is not flattered and not amused by others replicating his firm’s propriety materials. In fact, this CEO of the nation’s fastest growing CFO services firm has a strong message to…

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Its A 1099 World Now

Fortune Magazine published an article years ago named, Permanent Vacation? 50 and Fired. I would like to expand on a few things regarding this topic. First, let’s visit some of the quotes from the article, which was years ahead of its time: “You’ve got hundreds of thousands of obsolete professionals who can’t find employment in…

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Three Business Beliefs That Are Wrong

1. You can make future profits without decreasing labor costs. The largest cost on the Profit & Loss Statement for most companies is their labor. While some of the per-hour costs of labor have been flat for the past few years, which are likely to change in the near future. While unemployment in the USA…

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