Cash Flow Action Plans For Your Business

Posted on June 24, 2020 by b2bcfoadmin

Now is the Time to Know Where to Find Your CASH, and Rely on a Good Cash Flow Forecast!

Smart business Captains have a CFO standing next to them on the bridge to see them through these turbulent waters. Everyone knows that “cash is king”, but never more so than when your business is facing a sudden downtown, or even a cliff walk.

We at B2B CFO can help. Our firm of over 200 experienced CFO’s have charted courses for small and large businesses through downturns and recessions. We know how to maximize cash flow, and forecast cash flow employing varying assumptions and circumstances.

Consider how your business could benefit by employing CFO “best practices” in dealing with these recession related issues:

  • What kinds of expenses can I reduce, and which should be first?
  • Where do I look for cash?
  • How can I reduce employee overhead and still keep my key personnel?
  • How do I deal with my bank?
  • What sources of working capital financing might be available during these difficult times?
  • What communications should I consider with my vendors and my customers?
  • What communications should I consider with my employees?
  • How do I structure, communicate and implement a reduction in force?
  • How can I reduce the “stress meter”?

These are just some of the issues facing business owners today – issues that are in our “wheel house”. Everything we do is focused on increasing cash and company value, and now is the time to have the right team on the bridge. For more information and assistance, email Steve Nevin.

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