Expertise - John Baum

Owners of privately held companies hate surprises, especially when the surprise is lower-than-expected company cash. We know the discipline that can help take surprises out of future cash flow.

A company can literally grow itself out of business. We have the skills to improve the progression of company growth to help an owner successfully get to the next level.

Strategic planning encourages company leaders to envision the future desired situation, which is then documented. Leaders set goals and routinely ask, "What needs to be done to get to the next milestone?"

It’s rare today that banks will loan money to privately held companies unless they meet certain minimum criteria. We know the criteria and have the skills to help companies with bank loans.

Increasing company value is both an art and a science. Enterprise value is often improved through higher EBITDA. Our three proprietary books, patented software, training and experience often improve enterprise value.

Our book, The Exit Strategy Handbook, our patented B2B Exit® software and our skills are the best in the U.S.A. to help a business prepare to sell at market value.

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